Perhaps one of the topics widely debated between believers and atheists is none other than creationism or intelligent design. An ideological clash exits between these two groups. It is disturbing to note that the ongoing dialogue on creationism, initiated by agnostic thinkers, often crosses all the limits and goes to the level of damaging the religious faith and dogmas of believers. Recently, a highly deplorable trend is seen in the education field where followers of atheist philosophy and rational thinking make deliberate attempts to exclude religious studies and doctrines from school curriculum. These so called defenders of rational thinking, who are indeed crippled in their thinking, occupy positions in the school and college curriculum committee and governing boards. In order to implement their hidden agenda of elimination of religious belief, they formulate new rules and strategies, which are specifically targeted against religious belief and doctrines. Creationism, a model which is universally accepted, and believed by millions of faithful, is constantly being targeted by atheists and they make deliberate attempts to project creationism as unscientific and illogical. Those policy makers, who are affiliated to the atheist philosophy, introduce deliberate changes in the curriculum to teach their rational philosophies to students. The portions related to the biblical view of creation are removed from the syllabus and instead organic evolution theories are taught to students even in primary classes. Satan work through these people to impose His agenda of total elimination of religious freedom and morality from the society.

Many school boards in USA and European countries opt out of teaching the intelligent design or creation theory in the classroom. Proponents of evolution have made evolutionary theory as their own scientific gospel and claim that evolution theory has scientific credibility to explain origin of life on earth. When students have right to know about various models attributed to the creation, there is no justification for not teaching the creation model in the classroom. While the current scientific knowledge on the origin of universe and life, still remains to be a hypothesis and no evolutionary theories are capable of explaining origin in a realistic way, why a socially accepted model which explains the creation, be removed from the school syllabus.

Atheists believe in this material world and they interpret this world with their own unrealistic philosophies and dogmas and for them evolution is like a religion. Satan work through them to deceit the vulnerable people. He sows the seeds of the doubt in the mind of people, makes them unbelievers, encourage them to deny God, and tempt them to do sin. Satan knows that an easy way to confuse and mislead the people away from God is to manipulate the science and present evolutionary theories with a label of science on it, so that satanic philosophies can get wide acceptance and popularity.The Bible cautions us about modus operandi of Satan “He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it” (John, 8:44).

One of the hidden dangers of teaching evolutionary studies in the primary classes is that it will create total confusion in the mind of children, especially from Christian family background, because what they learn in school class room is quite contradictory to what they are learnt from Sunday school and from Bible readings. The children need to be taught in advance about this discrepancy in teachings related to origin of life on earth. They have to be taught how to distinguish a distorted theory from a real science. They have to know that evolutionary studies are just speculative theories and not real science.

Evolution theories are based on lies, not facts:
Do evolution theories have any real merits to be claimed as a true scientific discipline? Do these theories explain and provide solid evidence to prove that the current complex forms of life of animals and plants have their origin from a simple form of life through organic evolution? The real side of evolution theory is that it contains several distorted scientific theories and hypothesis and is more or less like a belief rather than a science. Even though evolutionists make every deliberate attempt to project evolution theories as a true scientific discipline, the fact is that it does not even come under the purview of definition of science. Many modern day biologists and molecular biologists do not even consider it as a real science, because organic evolution theories are mostly speculative and theoretical in nature and are formulated from non-reproducible and untested observations made by evolutionists.

It is important to distinguish theories and speculation in science from the solid laws and principles, which are drawn from the results of well-defined and reproducible experiments. Even though hypothesis and theories are very important in science and could contribute to the scientific developments, their importance is limited at an early stage of scientific developments. A scientific theory has the distinction of an idea or thought which is formulated with the help of previously known concepts but it does not have the status of a scientific law or principle till proven by experiments. In other words, science stands for an established fact or principle, which can be tested in a laboratory, reliably reproduced, and proven accurate under given conditions of the experiments. Organic evolution theories do not meet these criteria and therefore cannot claim the merits of any true scientific discipline. It can be considered as a religion of atheists, where they come up with several imaginary theories to support their dogmas.

Classical evolutionary theories were mainly formulated by a number of naturalists who were often biased in their observation and thinking. Most of the evolutionists were agnostic believers and their theories and observations had been greatly influenced by their rational thinking. Therefore, their theories are formulated with a biased mindset and do not reflect the truth. What is more surprising of organic evolutionary theory is that mere speculative theories are being taught to students as real scientific statements. Without realizing this fact, people approach to this study with great fascination and several people blindly believe in it and accept it as their philosophy. Most of the evolutionary theories were postulated at a time when most of the current advanced areas of biological sciences were just started to develop. Now biological sciences have several branches and advanced tools are available to test the concepts and theories. Early theories were formulated mostly on the basis of data collected from field studies by natural scientists. Many of these early theories have been totally rejected later by scientists.

Big bang theory is totally absurd and speculative:
When creationists have definitive answer on the origin of universe and life on earth, evolutionists have to depend on just fictitious stories or speculative theories to make their point. For example, big bang theory, one of the theories related to the origin of universe is a hypothetical one. According to this theory the universe was formed 13 to 14 billion years ago from an instantaneously expanding dense point, as tiny as a nanoparticle that contained space and all the matter in the universe a singularity. This infinitely dense point started expanding with an amazingly great speed and grown bigger as a hot fire ball, forces of gravity and subatomic particles like electron, neutron and proton came into being and eventually, this very hot fire ball exploded into millions of pieces which gave rise to every celestial bodies in the universe. Soon after the big bang, the temperature dropped to a level conducive for proton and neutron to combine to form nuclei of light elements like helium, hydrogen and lithium. Primitive universe expanded greatly stretching out the space and started cooling and eventually reached to its present form. This theory has all the merits of a scientific fiction. If evolutionist can believe in an infinitely dense point or singularity, which could contain this entire universe, why they cannot believe in the God who can make all these things possible. From where did this dense point originate? How did matter and energy get condensed to form such an unimaginably condensed point? They have no answers these questions.

Organic evolution theories regarding origin of life are part of a broad satanic philosophy:
Evolutionists have put forward organic evolution theories to explain the origin of life on earth. The word, evolution has its origin from Latin word, ‘evolvere’, that means to roll out or unfold. As this word implies, organic evolution deals with the unfolding of complexities from simple forms of life, which leads to new species or new stock of organism from the parental species, through a succession of changes over a long period of time. Organic evolution proposes that that lower forms of life, have evolved through a slow, gradual process of changes into higher complex forms including man, over millions and/or billions of years.

Evolutionists hypothesize that organic molecules like amino acids, nucleic acid bases were formed first from simple inorganic molecules like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), ammonia (NH3), free hydrogen and water vapor which were abundantly present in the atmosphere of the primordial earth. Primordial earth atmosphere contained lot of free hydrogen and free oxygen was not available, therefore formation of simple organic molecules was possible under a reducing condition. The ocean, which contained soups of various organic molecules, started interacting with each other and formed more complex forms of macromolecules, which later became the components of the cell. Various combination of random assembly of these molecules took place and the assembly of macromolecules which acquired the structural stability in their interaction became the components of probiont (pro-life) which eventually evolved to a self replicating assembly of molecules or ancestor of a unicellular organism something like a cyanobacteria. Critics of macromolecular evolution theory say that atmosphere of primordial earth contained no ozone layer which is formed by oxygen and in its absence, the ionizing radiation penetrate into the earth from the space would degrade macromolecular structures and chance of a spontaneous origin of life in primitive earth was not possible.

According to this theory vast number of various kinds of animals and plants currently inhabiting on this earth, have evolved through evolutionary process of millions of years, originally from a very simple unicellular like form. It is speculated that pro-vertebrates were evolved from aquatic non-vertebrates. More advanced forms of vertebrates were evolved from pro-vertebrates, as a succession, one after another, for example, fishes evolved to reptiles, birds were evolved from reptiles and mammals were evolved from birds. Humans occupy a position on the top of evolution tree. According to evolution theory, man and apes were evolved from a common ancestor.

Most of the classical evolutionary theories were formulated based on the theories proposed by Buffon, Lamarck, Charles Darwin, and Wallace. In 1801, Lamarck proposed the theory of ‘inheritance of acquired characters’ and he used this theory to explain the evolution of animals. This theory holds that characteristics or adaptive changes gained during the lifetime of an animal are inherited to the next generation. According to him, adaptive changes gained during the life time of an animal could lead to the emergence of a new stock of animal that is very different from their parental stock, through passage of new acquired characteristics to several successive generations. Evolution of long neck of giraffe is shown as a model to support this theory. Giraffe is a browsing animal found in the plain lands of Africa. Ancestors of giraffe had relatively short neck than the present day giraffe. Scarcity of vegetation in the land where they lived, forced them to browse for leaves from taller trees. In order to reach for leaves, the ancestral ones started stretching their neck continuously and it became a tendency for these animals. This behavior enabled them to have calves with longer neck than their parents and after a number of generations this acquired character became very prominent and caused the evolution of giraffe with longer neck.

The modern day biological sciences have proven that this theory is scientifically not valid because external somatic changes do not get transmitted to the next generation. It is genetic make up of the parent, which is inherited in the next offsprings not the external bodily changes. Traditionally for several centuries, women follow the custom of piercing their ear lobes for ornaments. If Lamarckian theory is valid, then women should have baby girls born with perforated ear lobes.

Charles Darin’s theory of natural selection:
One of the most prominent figures in evolution theory was Charles Darwin. Organic evolution theories became very popular following the publication of his thesis on “the origin of species by means of natural selection”. Darwin was a naturalist. He took extensive voyages to different islands. Flora and fauna of Galapagos Islands attracted his attention and he studied variations in the morphology of the tortoises and birds (finches) present in each islands and these variations or adaptation were found to be related to the unique habitat where these animals were living. In 1858, he published his natural selection theory as a possible mechanism explaining the origin of various animal species on the earth. This theory was formulated on the basis of ability of an organism to change or adapt to various environmental conditions. The organisms one which can best be adapted to the changing environmental conditions are favored to reproduce and survive. This theory holds that organisms are subjected to changes over time and animals currently living on earth are morphologically different from those that lived in the past. All present day animal species share a common ancestry and have evolved through million of years, incorporating adaptive changes and branching out into new varieties. Nature selects the organisms one which well adapted to new environment to survive.

Darwin formulated his theory solely based on morphological observation of animals he studied. The grave mistake in the Darwin’s theory is that he proposed natural selection as a mechanism of origin of new species. Natural selection may be applicable in the context of growth and survival of some of animal and plant species, when there is a competition for survival. But, nature cannot introduce a new species by simply selecting the fittest one. Natural selection can introduce only just variation within the species. For example, people exposed to the extreme sunlight usually have tanned or dark skin. This environmentally induced change in the skin color is just a variation within the species.

The genes encoded in the genetic material, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) present in the chromosomes of cells determine all the characteristic of an animal. In higher forms of organisms, species-specific characters are inherited in the next generation through sexual reproduction. Rarely, mutation in the genes can cause a change in the characteristics governed by respective genes. In order to have a heritable mutation it has to occur in the chromosomes of the germ cells (sperm or eggs) and mutations in the somatic cells of an animal are not heritable. Moreover, most of the gene mutations are lethal and mutant animals are defective in many respects compared to their normal counterparts and they can very rarely reproduce. Therefore, mutants are not favorably selected for the survival. God has given ability to every animal to adapt to the changing environments. These adaptations are just extrinsic changes and can no way contribute to the evolution of any new species.

If evolution has really happened, then there must be large number of intermediary forms of animals with chimeric characteristics. Fossil evidence shows no such intermediary forms and fossil records show the fossils of known species only. This itself is suffice to prove that evolution was never happened and an intelligent hand created all the animals and plants on the earth.

Evolution is contradictory to fundamental scientific principles of thermodynamics:
Another big blow to evolutionary theory is that evolution does not follow the laws of thermodynamics. Indeed, evolution takes place opposite to the thermodynamics law. Thermodynamics laws II and I are the universal and fundamental laws in science, applicable to the conservation, conversion, and transfer of energy/matter. The first law is about the conservation of energy. It states that energy/matter can neither be created nor destroyed. This indicates that total amount of energy/matter in this universe is constant. Only transfer or conversion of energy is possible, it cannot be created new by any natural mechanisms. Creation of matter and energy is possible only through God and everything in this universe is created once in the beginning by God and since then, there is no change in the total created matter. The Bible clearly proclaims this fact. "I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it, that men should fear before him " (Ecclesiastes 3:14).

The second law of thermodynamics totally rules out the possibility of evolution. This law governs the systems where energy transfer and its conversion take place. During an energy transfer reaction, there is a unidirectional loss of some amount of useful energy, which is lost as heat and becomes unavailable for work. This loss of energy can be due to friction or resistance within the system and lost energy is not recoverable and is lost as heat and radiated into space. The loss of useful energy has been steadily increasing over the time in this universe. The term ‘entropy’ is commonly referred to this condition. In simple terms entropy indicates disorders or chaos. Flow of energy always occurs from a higher level to a lower level and if no fresh energy enters into the system, a steady state is reached where energy is no longer available to do work. For instance, thermal energy transfer can occur from a hot body to a cold body but never to the reverse direction. A cold substance remains as cold unless it is heated at the expense of energy. This indicates that loss of useful energy has been steadily increasing in this universe and could eventually lead to a state where there is no energy flow at all.

If a system is more complex, it requires more free energy to maintain its complexity and in the absence of energy flow into the system, it has a natural tendency to disorganize into a simple or disintegrated state. In other words, anything more ordered, complex and higher has a natural tendency to collapse and disintegrate. This indicates that entropy level is higher for more complex things. Once disintegrated, the simpler components or building elements of any well-organized systems have no tendency to resume their initial highly ordered state. When an organism is alive there is an exchange of materials and flow of energy between the external environment and the internal environment of the organisms and when this flow of energy stops animal is dead and soon its complex body starts to decompose and is reduced to its basic building units or elements. At this disintegrated state, body elements do not randomly assemble themselves to evolve into their previous highly ordered state. Only an intelligent hand or God can create a highly ordered and complex living body of an organism from simple inorganic elements present in the earth.

In evolution, flow of energy is in the reverse manner and thermodynamically it is not feasible at all. According to evolution theories, first, random interaction of simple inorganic molecules took place in the primitive earth, leading to the formation of organic molecules which gave rise to macromolecules with more complex structures like RNA, DNA, and proteins. The self-assembly of macromolecules gave the path to origin of self-replicating unicellular organisms. Unicellular organisms evolved to become multi-cellular animals over millions of years. In this model, it is quite evident that transfer of energy is in the reverse direction and does not follow the fundamental principle of thermodynamics. Origin of life from randomness and disordered state (entropy) is absolutely impossible without a creator, whose very intelligent hand created every thing in this universe, including non living things, living things, visible and invisible things.

Cause and effect relationship:
If evolution is true, nothing is meaningful in this universe, because random and accidental events are the forces behind the evolution of life on earth. Conversely, in biblical point of view, everything in this universe stands for a purpose and there is a cause behind every incident. In this universe, even a small particle has a value and has been created for a purpose. God is the first cause. He made this universe with a definitive purpose and it is not the outcome of an accidental event. The Bible says, “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men" (John 1:3-4 ). God created this universe to manifest His great glory. Out of millions of stars, galaxies and planets, He selected the earth as a home for all living things. He created the man as unique among all other creations and placed a high value for humans by creating them in His own image and likeness.

Science does not stand against God:
There is a general perception in the mind of people that science is an area occupied in the outside realm of religion, one that is often confronting with religion and God. Anti-theocrats who try to define this material world with their own philosophies and pseudo-scientific theories, strive hard to create such an impression in the mind of people. Pseudo intellectuals identify themselves against the God and they teach that science cannot go in harmony with religion because of the conflicting religious philosophies based on faith. This man made confrontation between science and religion has been prevailing for last several centuries. If certain dogmas and doctrines are put aside, science and religion can go in harmony and science has nothing against the religion. Indeed, science is a gift from the God, given to mankind. The God is the greatest source of all knowledge. There is no science and knowledge unless God reveals them to man. He is the greatest scientist. God gave humans intellectual power to be creative and dominant over all other creations of God. Science has developed as a result of man’s intellectual power, creativity and rational thinking. The Lord created man as perfect being with his own image and given him intellectual power to explore this universe. This fact is recorded in the Bible “For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor” (Psalm 8:5 and Hebrews 2:9).

By the influence of Satan, man takes pride in his capabilities; forget God and His ways, and uses fraudulent scientific theories to attack religion and God. Satan always tempts men to deny God and to do all the evils. It is clearly mentioned in the Bible about those who deny God and those who seek God “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God”, (Psalm, 14, 1-2). Every scientific achievements and developments, has to be for the glory of God, but not to deny Him. Man has the rights to use science and its tools to explore this material world, but have no rights to abuse science to speak against God and His ways.


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