"... We are an Ecumenical Forum motivated for Christian Fraternity, Gospel Proclamation and Charity."



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'The Christian Light of Life' is a Charity Enterprise motivated for the Christian Fraternity, Gospel Proclamation and Charity. We aim at doing Charity work in Kerala in areas of Poverty, Education, Health, Housing etc. with out looking any caste, creed or any denominations.  Depending on the Grace of God, we plan for the accomplishment of our Mission through the Magazine, Online Book Stall, Publication of Christian Educational CDs, Software Packages etc. and without any donations.

Our activities started in December 2001 with the Publication of an Internet Online Ecumenical Christian Biweekly for the Kerala Christians spread around the world. During December 2002 we started the Printed Version of the Magazine with Parallel Edition in the Internet. We Publish the Issues on the first day of every month. 'The Christian Light of Life' is purely an Ecumenical Christian Magazine among all Apostolic Churches in Kerala. 

We collect Articles and News materials from different parts of the world, edit in USA and print and publish from Kerala. We are having Editors from different parts of the world and from different denominations of Churches. We do not enforce any particular denominational faith. Articles, Messages, News and all other publishing materials are welcome from all Apostolic Church denominations. We publish unbiased news and give coverage to Gospel Conventions, Church Festivals, Social Functions, Institutional Activities of Christian Values.

Devotional Messages given by Head of Churches, Metropolitans, Bishops etc. of all denominations are one of the great blessing, inspiration and encouragement in the accomplishment of our Mission. We are highly grateful to all Holy Fathers of the Churches for their limit less support in our humble attempts of Lord's work.

We give coverage to News International, Church News of Global, Diocesan, and Parish/Congregational level. We give coverage to very educative World Christian News concerning Churches of all countries of the world. We also feature important Churches, Institutions and various other charitable and social Activities etc. in India and abroad. Social problems and family concerns are widely covered through Articles of prominent writers, social reformers and eminent personalities. 

We remember those departed Holy Fathers who led us and who spoke the word of God to us, irrespective of any denominations. 

The Magazine include Bible Study Crosswords, Bible Quiz, Children's Quiz and Cartoons. Few Pages are reserved for the up growing children for study of Bible and Articles, Stories etc.

Another Project on the Anvil is 'Light of Life-Bible-The Family Companion' which is a Bible Study and family companion Software package which is planned to be released in few months time.