Many of God’s mysteries are revealed through the Holy Bible, but still many remain unanswered. The Holy Spirit helps us to unfold mysteries through very spiritual people. Mysteries are revealed mostly through visions and dreams. Through this article, I would like to unfold some of the mysteries of God, which was revealed to Maria Valtorta in her visions from 1943 to 1947. She narrated her visions in five thousand pages through her book “The Poem of the Man-God”, which has been published in five volumes and in different languages. It starts with the life of Virgin Mary’s parents and ends with the assumption of Mary and the Acts of the Apostles. Even though I would like to ask the whole world to read it for God’s sake, I am aware of the difficulty of reading it because I took almost three years to read it. So I took the pain of jotting down important notes about the things I was not sure before so that I can give to the world in the form of a small tablet.

This is not the summary of her visions, but a small interpretation of certain important aspects, especially things that are not explained in detail in the Bible. In the visions, Jesus himself interprets to the author things that he wanted to reveal to the world. We get a thorough picture of the lives of Mary and Jesus through this book. Just reading this tablet form will be far from reading the whole book in terms of faith, feelings, and love for God.

Science and Religion: Speaking to people of all ranks and nationalities at the harbor of Tiberius, Jesus says, “If Science is not based on God, it becomes error and does not elevate but abases. Knowledge is not corruption if it is religion. He whose knowledge is based on God will not fall, because he is not conscious of his dignity and believes in his eternal future. But you must look for the real God, not for phantoms that are not gods, but mere frenzies of men still enveloped in spiritual ignorance so that there is not even the shadow of wisdom in their religions or the shadow of truth in their faith….Good will is sufficient to find the Truth, which sooner or later will be found (Vol. 2, Ch. 241, P. 549). This statement proves that God is behind all scientific achievements.

Prayer: Answering the question of a little boy named Marjiam about prayer, Jesus says, “The day is given to us by God. The whole day, the bright one and the dark one, day and night, is a gift to live and have light. Our way of living is a means of sanctification….So we must sanctify the moments of the whole day to preserve in holiness and have the Most High and His bounty present in our hearts, and at the same time, keep the Demon away. Watch the little birds. They bless the light. We must bless the light as well, because it is a gift of God, and we must bless God who grants it to us and who is the Light. We must crave for God as from daybreak to put a seal, a note of light on the whole oncoming day, that it may be entirely bright and holy. And we must join the whole creation in praising the Creator. Then, as hours go by, and going by they make us aware of how much sorrow and ignorance there is in the world, we must pray again that sorrow may be relieved and ignorance may vanish and God may be known, loved and prayed to by all men, who, if they knew God, would be comforted in their suffering.

At the sixth hour we must pray out of love for our family, to enjoy the gift of being united to those who love us. That is also a gift of God. And we must pray that our eating, instead of being useful, may not become an occasion of sin. And at sunset we pray remembering that death is the inevitable end waiting for all of us. And we must pray that our end, be it today or later, may take place with our souls in grace. And when the lights are lit, we must pray to thank for the day which is over and to ask for protection and forgiveness, so that we may go to sleep without any fear of a sudden judgment or assaults of the demon. And, finally, we must pray at night-but this applies only to adults-to make amends for the sins of the night, to keep Satan away from weak people, and that culprits may ponder, repent and make good resolutions which will become facts at sunrise (V. 3, Ch. 290, P. 94).

Marriage and Divorce: In Book 3, Chapter 407 we see that in the house of Joseph of Arimathea Jesus brings together a couple named John and Anne who have a broken relationship. He tells John, “So God did the right thing in joining together man and woman together….Satan, the usual disturber, has come between you and your wife….When love is disorderly, it becomes hatred, John. Satan has worked on your virile sensuality to get you to commit sin because that is where your sin began. One disorder has brought about new and much graver disorders. In your wife you have not seen only a good companion and the mother of your children, but also an object of pleasure. And that has made your eyes like those of an ox, which sees everything altered.” In his last teachings before the ascension, Jesus says about marriage, “In the Mosaic religion matrimony is a contract. In the new Christian religion let it be a sacred indissoluble act, on which may the grace of the Lord descend to make of husband and wife two ministers of His in the propagation of the human race.

From the very first moments try to advise the consort belonging to the new religion to convert the consort, who is still out of the number of the believers, to enter and become part of it, to avoid those painful divisions of thought, and consequently of peace, that we have noticed also among ourselves. But when it is a question of believers in the Lord, for no reason whatsoever what God united is to be dissolved. And when a consort is Christian and is united to a heathen, I advice that consort to bear his/her cross with patience, meekness and also with strength, to the extent of dying to defend his/her faith, but without leaving the consort whom he/she married with full consent. This is my advice for a more perfect life in the matrimonial state, until it will be possible, with the diffusion of Christianity, to have marriages between believers. Then let the bond be sacred and indissoluble, and the love holy” (V. 5, Ch. 631, P. 845).

Baptism and Communion: Several times Jesus mentions the importance of baptism and communion. In his last teachings before ascension Jesus said, “Baptize with water in the name of the God, one and Trine, and in my name and through my infinite merits, so that the original sin may be cancelled from hearts, sins my be remitted, grace and the holy virtues may be infused, and the Holy Spirit may descend to dwell in consecrated temples, that is, in the bodies of men living in the grace of the Lord…..Baptize with my baptism, but in the name of the God Trine because really, if the Father had not wanted and the Spirit had not acted, the Word would have not become incarnate and you would have had no redemption. So it is just and fair that every man should receive the Life through those who joined together in wanting to give it to him, mentioning the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the act of Baptism, which takes the name of Christian after me to distinguish it from the others past and future, which will be rites, but not indelible signs on the immortal part” (V. 5, Ch. 631, P. 843). “Great is your ministry of judging and absolving in my name! When you consecrate the Bread and Wine for you and make them my Body and my Blood, you will do a great, supernaturally great and sublime thing.

In order to accomplish it worthily you must be pure because you will touch Him who is the pure one and you will nourish yourselves with the flesh of a God. You must be pure in your hearts, minds, limbs and tongues because with your hearts you must love the Eucharist, and no profane love is to be mixed with this celestial love, as that would be a sacrilege. Be pure in your minds because you must believe and understand this mystery of love. The impurity of thought kills faith and intellect”(V. 5, Ch. 625, P. 758). After his resurrection, while the apostles were going along the way of the Cross, Jesus broke bread, gave to his disciples and said, “This is my viaticum for you who are going away. I have already prepared the food there for my pilgrims. Do the same yourselves, in future, with those among you who will be leaving. Be paternal to all the believers. Everything I do, or I make you do, do it yourselves as well. In future, make also the journey to Calvary, meditating and making people meditate on the Stations of the Cross. Contemplate! Do contemplate my sorrows because it is through them, not through the present glory, that I have saved you” (V. 5, Ch. 627, P. 791). Before his ascension Jesus conducted the Eucharist several times and asked his apostles to do it in memory of him. This was done at the last supper too.

The meaning of ‘Poor in Spirit’: “Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them” (St. Mathew 5:3). I doubt how many people understand the meaning of that sentence. After the vision on the conversion of Zacchaeus, Jesus explains the meaning of that phrase, ”The man poor in spirit is no longer enslaved by riches. Even if he does not go so far as to repudiate them materially, depriving himself of them and of every comfort by joining a monastic order, he knows how to use them sparingly for himself, which is a double sacrifice, or order to be prodigal of gifts to the poor of the world…. Those are poor in spirit who, losing their possessions, whether large or small, know how to keep their peace and hope, without cursing or hating anyone, either God or men….It means humility of thought which does not swell with pride and does not proclaim itself super-thought, but makes use of the gift of god acknowledging its origin for good….It means generosity in affections, whereby one can deprive oneself also of them in order to follow God, also of life, the most real wealth and the most loved instinctively by the animal creature. All my martyrs were generous in that way because their spirits had become poor, in order to become ‘rich’ in the only eternal riches: God. It means justice in loving our personal things. It is our duty to love them because they are testimony of providence in our favor. I have already spoken about that in previous dictations. But we must not love them more than we love God or His Will; you must not love them to the extent of cursing god, if man snatches them from you. And finally, I would repeat it, freedom from the slavery of money. Those are the different forms of that spiritual poverty that I said will possess heaven out of justice” (V. 4, Ch. 415, P. 19).

Satan: Before sending his seventy two disciples, Jesus advises them, “And be not afraid of men or of demons. They will not hurt you. The only things you are to fear are: sensuality, pride, and avarice. Through them you would hand yourselves over to Satan and devilish men, who also exist” (V. 3, Ch. 277, P. 24). On another occasion, Jesus cured a man possessed by a complete spirit. The demoniac put up so much resistance that Jesus had to face a big encounter with him. At the final command of Jesus, the demon gives a big cry and leaves him saying, “I am coming out. Yes. You have defeated me, but I will avenge myself. You are driving me away, but there is a demon beside you (probably Judas) and I will go into him and possess him, investing him with my full power. And no order of yours will be able to take him away from me. I every age, in every place I, the author of Evil, procreate sons for myself. And as God procreated Himself by Himself, I procreate myself by myself.

I conceive myself in the heart of man and he gives birth to me, he gives birth to a new Satan, that is he himself and I rejoice having so many children! You and men will always find those creatures of mine, who are as many Satan. I am going, o Christ, to take possession of my new kingdom, as you wish, and I leave you this poor wretch whom I maltreated. In his place, as I am leaving him to you, the alms of Satan to you, God, I will take one thousand and ten thousand now, and you will find them when your body in lurid tatters will be given as a plaything to dogs, and I will take ten thousand and one hundred thousand in future centuries to use them as an instrument for me and a torture for you. Do you think that you will win by raising your sign? My followers will knock it down and I will be the winner….Ah! It is not true that I will win! But I will torture you both in yourself and in your followers” (V. 4, Ch. 417, P. 35). Answering the questions of the disciples about that demon, Jesus says, “Some people give themselves to Satan by opening a door to one capital vice. Some give themselves twice, some three times, some seven times.

When one has opened his spirit to the seven vices, then a complete spirit enters him. Satan, the black prince, enters….Do you know along which path Satan comes? Generally three are the beaten paths, and one is never missing. They are sensuality, money, and pride of the spirit. Sensuality is the one which is always present….It passes spreading its poison and everything flourishes with satanic flowering. That is why I say to you: “Be the masters of your flesh”. Let that control be the beginning of everything else, as that slavery is the beginning of everything else. The man enslaved by lust, becomes thief, swindler and cruel murderer in order to serve his mistress. The very thirst for power is also related to the flesh. ….It was through the flesh that Satan entered man and through the flesh he goes back into man, and he is happy if he can do so. He, one and sevenfold, enters with the proliferation of his legions of minor demons” (P. 37). Teaching the Apostles about atonement and the techniques of resisting Lucifer, Jesus says, “You do not offend the Lord, without making amends for the offence. And God the creator was offended by the first man created. Since then, the offence has increased more and more. And neither the water of the Deluge nor the fire that rained on Sodom and Gomorrah helped to make man holy, neither the water nor the fire. The Earth is a boundless Sodom in which Lucifer walks freely and as a king. So let a trinity come to wash it: the fire of love, the water of sorrow, the blood of the Victim. That is, o Earth, my gift. I have come to give it to you” (V. 5, Ch. 591, P. 427). We have to realize the fact that there is going on a continuous fight of the devil to win the hearts of men and defeat God. Every time we make him win, we are giving blows to God.

Answering the questions of people about if the demon is so powerful as to simulate God and God allows him to corrupt people, Jesus says, “He is…but he would be a nonentity if man were holy. The fact is that man is often a demon himself….Satan helps to complete the enslavement. God allows him to act thus because the value of the creature emerges from the struggle between High and Low, Good and Evil. Both this value and his will emerge. He will always allow him to act. Also, after I have been raised, Satan will have to fight against a very great enemy, and man will have a very powerful friend” (V. 4, Ch. 527, P. 729). Speaking at the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple, Jesus answers questions about the purpose of creating Satan. He says, “My reply to you is that Satan is not the work of God, but of the free will of the rebellious angel. God had made him His glorious minister and thus had created him for a good purpose….Creatures are imperfect, even the most perfect ones. There is always a point of inferiority in them, as compared with God.

But God, who loves them, has granted them free will so that through it the creature may be perfected in virtue and thus become more like God Father. The victories over evil are the crowns of the chosen ones….God is merciful towards the souls that get lost when they are abandoned to themselves and are received by Lucifer’s ministers, who are always ready to welcome those who have lost their way, to make them proselytes of their doctrines. God is merciful towards those who have been deceived only because the rabbis of God, the so-called rabbis of God, have taken no interest in them. God is merciful towards all those who come up against depression, darkness, death through the fault of false teachers who have only the appearance of teachers and the pride of being called such….Therefore my sheep of the present times and of the future will have the Life that I give them through my Word, and it is eternal Life for those who accept it, and they shall never perish and no one will ever be able to snatch them from my hands” (V. 4, Ch. 535, P. 799-802).

Jesus warns the apostles about the deeds of Satan, “At present in the world it is the day of God and of Satan. The former sows goodness and the latter throws his damned darnel, his scandals, his wickedness, his seeds that stir up wickedness and scandals, among the seeds of God” (V. 5, Ch. 573, P. 277). Jesus says to his apostles about the corruption of Jerusalem and the strength of Satan, “”And only the Most High knows how I would like to sanctify the town taking there the Holiness that comes from Heaven. I would like to sanctify it again, as it should be the Holy City. But I shall not be able to do anything for it. It is corrupt, and will remain corrupt….Satan is aware that he is about to be defeated and he wants to avenge himself by tearing you away from me. Satan is around us all. He is around me to prevent me from doing the will of my Father and from fulfilling my mission. And he is around you to make you his servants. Be vigilant. Within those walls Satan will take those who are not strong” (V. 5, Ch. 588, P. 396). God has allowed Satan to tempt us as He had allowed him to tempt Job.

Adam and Eve: In Volume 5, Chapter 602, Jesus says about the first parents, “Woman was born of the “virago” whom God had formed as a companion for Adam, building her from the rib of man. She was born with her sorrowful destiny because she had wanted to be born in that way, that is, with her sorrowful destiny, because she had wanted to know what God had concealed from her, reserving for Himself the joy of giving her the joy of posterity without any debasement of sensuality. Adam’s companion had wanted to become acquainted with the good concealed in evil, and above all with the evil concealed in good, in apparent good, because enticed as she was by Lucifer, she had craved for knowledge that God alone could possess without any danger, and she had made herself creator. But by using such power of good unworthily, she had corrupted it into an evil deed because it was disobedience to God and malice and greediness of the flesh.” From this passage we understand that God had had a different plan in His mind about the posterity, one without any debasement of sensuality.

Sensuality has become the cause of many sins. Jesus continues, “And Cain, Eve’s first son, was born hard, envious, quick-tempered, lascivious, wicked, little different from wild animals with regard to instinct, much superior with regard to the supernatural, because in his fierce ego he denied respect to God….And he who derides God does not respect anybody in the world. Therefore those who are in touch with the deriders of God are acquainted with the bitterness of tears, because they have no hope of respectful love from their offspring, no certainty of faithful love in their consort, and no certainty of honest friendship in friends. Abundant tears streamed down Eve’s face and her heart swelled with bitter tears because of the hardness of her son, and those tears sowed the germ of repentance in her heart, and they obtained a diminution of her fault, as God forgives because of the sorrow of those who repent. And Eve’s second son had his soul washed in his mother’s tears, and he was kind and respectful to his parents, and devout to his Lord, Whose omnipotence he perceived shines from the Heavens. He was the joy of his impoverished mother….Abel becomes the means of purification for the guilty mother….How many Cains there are on the Earth! Their cult for me is derisory and hypocritical or is non-existent, and yet they want me to look at them with love and to fill them with happiness.” Jesus draws a parallelism between Cain and Judas.

Take Care of Plants and Animals: Speaking to his disciples about our duty to take care of plants and animals, Jesus says, “The animals and plants, and everything the Creator made to be useful to man, are a gift of love and a patrimony committed to the care of his children by the Father, so that they may use it with profit and gratitude to the giver of all providence. Therefore they are to be loved and treated with proper care….Care does not mean idolatry or immoderate affection for animals or plants, or anything else. Care means feeling of compassion and gratitude for the minor things that serve us and have a life of their own, that is, their sensitivity. The living soul of inferior creatures mentioned by Genesis is not the same as the soul of man. It is life, simply life that is being sensitive to real things, both material and emotional. When an animal dies, it becomes insensitive because death is its real end. There is no future for it. But while it lives it suffers cold, hunger, fatigue; it is subject to injuries, to pain, to joy, to love, to hatred, to diseases and to death” (V. 4, Ch. 538, P. 824).

Penance, Expiation, and God’s Forgiveness: Consoling a woman who cries over the sins of her son, Jesus says, “You are not responsible for his error, and for your own relief you must know that you can bring about his salvation. The ruin of sons can be repaired by mothers. And that is what you will do. Your grief, since it is sincere, is not sterile, it is prolific. The soul you love will be saved through your suffering. You are expiating for him, and with such righteous intention that you are the indulgence of your son. He will go back to God. Do not weep” (V. 3, CH. 357, P. 474). Among the crowd of people who were gathered in the temple of Jerusalem for Pentecost somebody asked Jesus what would happen to those who would not surrender to the voice of the Lord. Looking at the scribes and Pharisees Jesus says, “Jeremiah told you what will happen to those who reply to the flash of divine wrath by increasing their sins and consider divine mercy as a proof of weakness on God’s side….You, as the Eternal God said through the lips of Jeremiah, are like clay in the hands of the potter, as clay are those who consider themselves mighty, as clay are the inhabitants of this place and those of the royal palace.

There is no human power that can resist God. And if the clay resists the potter and wants to take strange horrible shapes, the potter turns it into a handful of clay again and starts afresh and works in into another vessel until it realizes that the potter is the stronger and thus it yields to his will. And it may also happen that the vessel breaks into pieces because it persists in not being modeled, as it refuses the water with which the potter moistens it in order to be able to shape it without cracks. The potter then throws the refractory clay and the useless unworkable bits and pieces into the garbage can and he takes fresh clay and moulds it as he thinks best….And repeating the words of the Lord, he says: “As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so you, Israel, are in the hand of God”. And the Lord adds, as a warning to those who are refractory, that only penance and repentance, when God reproaches man, can change the decree of God to punish a rebellious people” (V. 3, Ch. 411, P. 805).

Love towards Parents: Jesus loved his mother all the time in the same measure. We cannot find another man in the world who satisfied the mother with perfect love until he died. In the last days of his pain and discomfort, he found some solace in the caress and loving words of the mother and by sleeping on her lap. They looked like brother and sister. Jesus was fed on breast milk for long time, especially during their stay in Egypt, because of extreme poverty. Jesus loved his foster father, Joseph, with perfection. Joseph trained him in carpentry, and Jesus helped him a lot. The death of Joseph created a big gap in the lives of Mary and Jesus even though Mary had no physical relationship with him and Jesus had no blood relationship with him. Several times Jesus emphasizes the duty of children to love their parents. In one of his preaching at Gerasa, Jesus says, “It is a duty and a pleasure to love one’s parents. And there is no animal which does not love the mother which gave birth to it”(V. 3, Ch. 287, P. 77).

In another sermon at the temple Jesus says, “It is written: “Anyone who curses father and mother must die”, and death is given not only by the executioner. A more severe death awaits those who sin against their parents: the eternal dreadful death”(V. 3, Ch. 372, P. 594).

In this article I have mentioned only some striking mysteries of God. The mysteries of God are vast and varied and transcend above complete human understanding. That is why God is revealing it to ordinary minds through visions that are simple and easy to understand. This is not the summary of the book, but it is an elaboration of some important points in quotations. The reading of the book gives a good picture of the mysteries, though not perfect. In order to get the patience to read the book and understand it fully, we need special enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. For those who are gifted with the Holy Spirit, God will reveal His mysteries directly. I thank and praise God for giving me enough patience and strength for reading the book and putting ideas together for the convenience and information of others.

Note: The above text is only few salient paragraphs of the tablet. Full tablet can be availed from the Compiler.

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