Ragging means to assail or beset with questions that causing irritation. Ragging became an outburst of horseplay, usually in defiance of authority: riotous festivity that are once prevalent in British universities, associated with the raising of money for charity work. It has become lately a child play for ruffians to harass the junior university students who join there for their studies. It is supposed to be a fun game for seniors to prowl upon the juniors who come for university studies, so that they be tamed and acclimatized themselves socially and culturally in the new set up that mould them as alleged citizens of tomorrow. Despite it started as a fun game for the older ones upon the new entrants, the new violent turns of intimidating the simple and innocent minds has surpassed the limit of moral and social borders of etiquette and decency of a so-called cultured and religious life style of a high-tech life of modernity

The secondary school students who are mostly nurtured and cared by the parents and siblings find it difficult to cope with the new environments of tertiary institutions, just as a migrant or displaced person who is uprooted from his own culture and environments that one is brought up. Preying upon such helpless victims of circumstances is to be treated as a cruel crime that intimidates, suppresses and abort untimely the inner personality of a teenager who just lisped into the gateway of life that is full of tempests, uncertainties and virulent violence from all sides. If the personality developments that buds during the adolescent period is derailed, the fallout is incalculably immense and colossal, converting the victim to be either a morose or a moral imbecile, creating problems for himself and the whole social and religious hierarchies.

Man essentially is an animal that always tries to predate upon others, as there is a food chain, which controls the eco system. Man has the same instincts and physical senses of animals that prowl upon others for the control of the food chain, a decisive area that decides the survival of the fittest. There is a food chain among us. Man can harness these brutal animals as he stands at the highest scale or order of creation. Man is the only animal that cooks its food, clearly signaling that he only has the brain ingredients to mix with all the ingredients so as to cook by permutation and combination methods, supplying us the finished products of uncountable dishes of palatable food items. While animals react by instincts, only man has the ability to think clearly and choose between good and bad. These intrinsic ability that is endowed upon man transparently drives home a vital point that man has the image and likeness of the Creator who framed man by His own hands, whereas all other fauna and flora are created by His word. Man is the final product of the mixture of all the fauna and flora put together by a natural force of cohesion, so as to make enable him to participate in the entire created world that makes his habitat.

Educational institutions:
“Teacher is the maker of man”. The real meaning of the word education is the way of knowing man’s Creator, just as the ox knows his owner, and the ass his master’s crib”- Is. 1: 3. Educational institutions stand purely for cleansing the base genetic elements that are transmitted to the innocent offspring from the previous generations and try to modify the environmental influence and bringing up. This is attained by the sharing of the chain relationship of ‘ matha, pitha, guru, daivam’ order. Despite the progenitors are not quite conversant with the moral order of the implicit universal formula, the teacher achieves this goal either through formal or informal education. As the natural created universe is governed by a moral order of excellence, this authority that is vested upon the guru empowers him to be a role model to all others in all walks of life. The educational institutions are the temple of learning, endowing practical wisdom to lead an exemplary life that roots out the curses that the whole human race inherited from the great ‘fall’. Education is the baptism of learning, imbibed at the temple of learning. While the religious ministers are the cleansers of the soul by baptism, the gurus are the makers of man by moral and religious baptism. The religious and moral vibrations that baptize a person for social conditioning and inner superlative sensibilities is whetted by an ideal education that inculcates in character building by ironing out the base animal magnetism in course of time.

Secular set up:
Since the moral and religious anarchy that turned upside down the spiritual vibrations of the high- tech products of modern generations, education has become the business of money making media of the illiterates of the private sector, and the public sector has converted it as a place of baby sitting the young ones who have become the technological products like that of plastic toys. They are nearly becoming the duplicates of anarchy that is rampant in the society. The secular governments that became the nerve center of moral and social corruptions preach all sorts of irreligiousness, promiscuities and fads to the young ones. The corruptions of a high-flying society that is socialized and dehumanized by film stars who have become the dictators of moral ambivalence are the real tigers that eat us inch by inch. The dirty and nasty politics of the vote-catching rulers have socialized and legalized all forms of sexual profligacy that is now preying upon the whole global culture. The community that thrives by bribery and lax morality lure the mob to do anything, which is immoral and illegal. The modern generation is a shepherdless flock that is misguided by evil men of pornography, the biggest money making underground business that encourages drug cartels and all other mafia transactions. There are court verdicts against any illegal acts, hartals, bandhs, sound and eco pollutions, politics in the educational institutions and many other vices, that disrupts the harmony of social and religious life, yet the judiciary that is the heart and brain of a society is run over easily without getting any interrogations or punishments.

The ignorant children of Godless generation that become a dupe of abysmal culture fall into such bottomless pit of treacheries easily. In such a climate of social anarchy, the two-footed animal that behaves like our cousins cannot be blamed. Condoning everything that the hooligans do is dynamite to the whole so-called civilized people.

Atmosphere in the educational Institutions:
The dawn of the age of petrol affluence touched upon every soul of this new era. It is very easy to manipulate the T.V.and video human products as they can be as docile and at the same as hard as rock. They are brainwashed for imposing any indoctrination that is in tune with the frequency of the flesh. As they are fed up with all the rotten politics and religious fanaticism, they are ripe to be bundled by any thugs who have double roles and multiplicities of character. Firstly, they are born and brought up in different cultures that divorce them from their parents’ stereotyped culture. The parents who are away in different continents making money for their extravagances are not familiar with the high-tech life of social supermos and wild film stars. The children who are either under the supervision of their guardians or ignorant about the current club life or the hostel wardens of modernity give themselves to the myriad of pop cultures that induce them to the life of the flesh.

As the modern day children who are under the influence of multitude of social tsunamis, they themselves won’t be able to calculate their own day-to-day affairs that decide their destiny. They become social parasites and household weeds because the parents are not within their vicinity to care and guide them. The senior rowdy students who show themselves off pick up the weaklings just as the cat annoying and prowling upon the mouse that are afraid of their predators. The children who are pre-disposed to certain chemical and mental affinities either cling together or fight against. There is no need of a ragging club that allegedly make the teenagers cleave to a stereotyped group behavioral therapy because the parentage or genetics of each individual is entirely different. The ragging is only a mafia type of aggressive attacks upon the teenagers, so that the inexperienced ones can be drawn to their satellite system of evil behaviour and pop culture. This violent system of dragging the ignorant to their malevolent behaviour is a violation of human rights. The parents who send them to them for their education are all not rich and wealthy. These parents who make both ends meet send their children as future investments so that they may earn a good living after their fruitful education. Converting them as unripe fruits in the beginning of their lives is a serious crime that cannot be measured in any means. Brainwashing for certain aims is a grave misdemeanor that should not be condoned by the legal authorities.

In such conflicting situations, the children who come from religious families throw themselves to the religious simpletons who are there in every professional institutions and academic venues to fish in troubled waters and re-mould them to their whims and fancies. Thinking that the children are in safe hands, the parents also allow them to be dallied with their religious gurus who come with a stretching hand to help the immature teenagers. But only time will prove that they are pervert jackals that form the groups, sending the cooked up messages that they are the messiahs who have every right to give them their salvation. There are different such vicious groups who move around in that circle that decides their future destiny. They arrange their own marriage from their own groups, and these crooks are their future guardians who distort their brain for evil purposes that include saying good-bye to their parents and their religious and moral norms. Their evil teachings sucks away the teenagers, just as grabbing away the sucking babies from their mothers’ nipples. Such children either rebel against their parents or move out of the house in future or clinging like sucking worms that make some parents to be with the new denominations.

The rowdy children become ringleaders and make their juniors as their preys, and destroy their future. Despite has been thrusting such inhuman treatment upon their juniors for a long time, the educational and the secular authorities overlooked this pestilence of tortures all these years, thinking that such anti-social elements that take root in the teaching institutions can add more members to the radical groups that live on human blood. Such philosophies or lax behavioural problems are not isolated incidents but are hatched by hooligans that fish in troubled waters. The senior students are mere pawns in the hands of the anti-social elements that try to dehumanize the social ethos of decent living. The latest incidents of sexual assaults have opened the eyes of the educators and politicians, despite this evil system has been a menace for the growing generations who aspire for educational and professional excellences. These violations of basic human rights are to be deplored by the decent thinking people of the community, and allow our youngsters to have a good education that transports them to a high pedestal of professional and ethical qualifications which allow them to be responsible to lead their own life in future fruitful ways.

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