April 1, 2002 ARCHIVE
Vol:2 Issue:7

By Philipos Mar Eusabius

H.G.Philipos Mar Eusabius
Diocesan Metropolitan, Thumpamon Diocese, Malankara Orthodox Church
St.Basil Aramana,
Pathanamthitta, Kerala.

Easter ensures and guarantees us that all who believe in Jesus Christ will be raised from the dead by the Father. The first Easter was a historical event of the God that Father raising His Son Jesus Christ from among the dead. Jesus was crucified and buried on Friday and He was called back to life on the third day ie Sunday. This event ensures and guarantees us that all who believe in Jesus Christ will be raised from the dead by the Father. According to St. Paul 'Now God has not only raised the Lord, but will also raise us up through His power' (1 Cor.6:14)

So the message that Easter conveys to us is that all the believers in Christ will be brought back to life by the Father, for the believers, should guard himself / herself in the virtue and righteousness before God during the sojourn on earth. So it is a call to live on earth meaningfully and worthly in the Sight and the Grace of God.

The first word that Risen Lord utters is 'Peace be unto you'. 'While they were telling these things, He Himself stood in their midst and said to them, Peace be to you.' (Luk 24:36) Hence the message that Easter conveys us is the message of peace.

Also He exhorts to love each other as the Father has loved Him. 'Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.' (John 15:9) 'This I command you, that you love one another.' (John 15:17) So the Easter community should love each other and live in peace, sharing love and peace among fellow beings.

In the present day world scenario, this is all the more important and relevant. The whole world and very particularly the land in which Jesus was born, lived, ministered, persecuted, crucified, buried and resurrected is boiling with hatred, rivalry, cruelty and murder. This is a contradiction in itself. So the sum total of the message of Easter is a total surrender to the will of God. Living in love and peace, sharing the same with the whole creation.

Philipos Mar Eusabius , Basil Aramana, Pathanamthitta.

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By Dr.K.C. Nainan - Atlanta
This is the greatest news for man in human history! Death is conquered forever, Sin lost its power over man and Tomb is not the end of human life. Door to eternity is wide opened and certainty of life after death is proved beyond question and doubt. Gate to heaven is opened through the resurrection of Son of Man. Paradise lost is regained through the death and rise of Son of God. Kingdom of God becomes a reality to anybody who wants to claim and enter it. There is now hope for man to live forever after death. We are certainly not earthbound anymore. When the outer temple of human body breaks down, the inner spirit of man, like a butterfly out of cocoon, will have a spiritual world to go and live eternally. When the Lord said, " I am the Way, I am the Gate, I am the Life and Resurrection", they became reality for man through His triumphant entry from this world to that is eternal.

Christians, what a victory we have! We have the most glorious news to proclaim, to experience and to live for. No religion has this wonderful experience of resurrection to claim and profess. The presence of the empty tomb in the garden is a powerful witness of the risen Lord, Mary Magdalene, the most blessed human being to meet the resurrected Master for the first time! The Lord appeared to all apostles several times, to more than five hundred of his followers at one time, to Saul who once persecuted Christians, and through centuries many have experienced and witnessed the presence of the risen Jesus. During the last two thousand years, followers of Jesus Christ were persecuted in different lands, but survived; Christian churches go on growing, preaching and teaching the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus, taking care of the poor and needy. This is possible because of the presence and power of the risen Savior who through the Holy Spirit is continuously working with many dedicated, faithful followers.

As apostle Paul said, "If Christ has not been raised from death, then we have nothing to preach and you have nothing to believe" (1 Co 15:14). In other words, if Christ was not resurrected, our gospel is just another collection of good teachings of a great teacher!

Friends, our Lord is alive! " For me, to live is Christ" (Phil 1:21) is one of the great expressions of St. Paul who met the risen Lord, lived and died for Him. Let us experience the unlimited power and constant presence of our living Master in our daily lives, and proclaim the glorious good news to all mankind that 'He has risen', gone to heaven and will come back (Acts 1:10-11).
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By Geevarghese Mar Osthatios Metropolitan

There is a book in English with the title 'Your God is too small'. Paul Tillich, a famous Theologian described this small God as 'God up in the sky' and called the true God as 'Ground of being'. The Gods being believed in vivid religions are small and communal in nature. In the old testament God is called as 'Lord of Hosts', but this name is not seen any where in the New Testament. Christians believe that the 'Celestial God' who is 'God up in sky' is been revealed by His son Jesus Christ. The Verse 'God is Love' (1 John 4:16) is not recorded any where in the Old Testament. God in the Old Testament, who is the God of Israel allowed or commanded to destroy the enemies of Israel. So the Theory of 'Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors' had come only from the mouth of Jesus Christ and it was never mentioned anywhere in the Old Testament. Even the 10 commandments given to Moses can be adhered by the modern Governments; the Sermon on the Mount cannot be followed by anyone other than the children of the Celestial God. The modern lawmakers or the judges can never digest the teaching of Jesus Christ 'If a man take away the coat, let him have thy cloak also.'

Even though historically the God is manifested as Love, Bhagavalgeetha (Ch.4:6,7) describes the God as the one who 'destroy the wicked and save the good.' This doctrine is followed in the war of Kurushektra and many other wars. Understanding and imitating the God, who is the incarnation of love, could be done only by the true Christians and many good people of vivid religions for the last 2000 years. The world war II lead by Hitler, Terrorist activities lead by the soldiers of fanatic extremists and many other wars and atrocities were/are believed done as per the will or command of their communal gods. In the Crusades of 11th century Muslims might have thought, fought of Allah and Papal Soldiers might have thought, fought for Jesus Christ. Israelites firmly believed that they annihilated the 7 tribes and captured the Land of Canaan as per the commandment from God. The Hindu extremist who destroyed the Babri Masjid firmly believed that the act was done with the permission of Shri Ram; however the Scholars of Advaida deny this accusation.

Even though we can sparingly see the faith in the Celestial God in many vivid religious teachings, Love as the clear manifestation of God is seen only in the Old Testament of the Bible. In the verse of old testament 'Ye shall be holy: for I the Lord , your God am holy' (Lev. 19:2) , even though it is an eternal truth that God is glorified as holy, but not as Love. Look at the Verse (Mal 2:10) 'Have we not all one father ? hath not one God created us ? Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the Covenant of our father?' Here also as God is not social, he can not be interpreted as Love.

Khuran teaches that all are the children of Adam and Eve. Also it signifies the Allah as merciful and gracious cf. 'In the name of Allah, the merciful and gracious' and it is being proclaimed by all Surah, still we miss the word Love in it. Also Khuran teach the soldier who fight the Holy War (Jihad) is more rewarded than the one who declare, finance or mangae the war. In spite of the fact that Muslim Scholars opinioned that this permission was on a special considerations of the scenarios at the time of writing the Khuran, the modern extremists still believe and follow it literally.

If we study the religious teachings or books of any religion with out any prejudice or fanatic thoughts, it reveals the mercy, graciousness, sympathy etc. of the Celestial God. It is apparent from (Jonah 4:11) the lack ness of understanding of Jonah for the sympathy God has shown to Non-Jewish nation and the people, as the depiction of Jonah's God was that of communal nature.

The four Vedas, Bhagavad Geeta and Upanishads are not like the Advaida (Non-Dualistic) Vedanta of Sankaracharya. The school of Advaida teaches that the Braman is beyond the instincts of Love, Hatred, Good or bad and the essential identity of jiva , the individual self , is nothing other than the Brahman itself; which form the cardinal doctrine that Advaida differs from the scriptures of Shri Ramanuja. But KeshaChandra Sen Sachidanda had compared Brahman to the Holy Trinity with Sat-Pitha to Father, Chit-Putra to Son and Anand to Holy Spirit. In fact the fanatic believers always quote the specific portions of their scriptures to suit their will and pleasure to uphold the communalism. Mahatma Gandhi has depicted the war of Kurushektra as a war to be fought by the five organs of the body which symbolizes the Pandavas to the Kauravas of in Semitic thoughts of wickedness. So Gandhiji invented that Bhagavad Geta also teach the lesson of Non-violence just as that is preached by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the mount. Also he found that professional classes has its own merits, but the untouchability is a severe sin.

Though all the religion has its on loophole to convert the Celestial God to a Communal God, I had never seen a book or a scripture which depicts the picture of a Loving God. The New testament teaches us the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to Love the God and love the neighbor (even enemies) as thyself. The truth of New Testament reveals that Faith is useless without Love, as Love supersedes the Faith. The word Love is refereed 500 times in the bible, while the faith is referred 300 times. Through the faith in the Celestial God, we have to bind all the religions together and lead to the God up above who is the symbol abundant Love.

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Saritha Paul - Bahrain

Beloved people, you need blessing. It may be a spiritual blessing, worldly blessing or physical blessing. God is ready to give you the blessing that you need. He is all-powerful and a God of miracle. He can certainly do a miracle for you. He can heal you. He can also meet your needs. He can change your deficiency into completeness. He is powerful to change your sorrow. He is capable of changing your problems. He can certainly open a way for you. If you want to receive a miracle from Him, He also expects a certain things from you. If you give what He expects of you, you will certainly receive the blessings.

To receive the blessings from Jesus Christ… HAVE FAITH "But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him". (Heb. 11:6) When Jesus walked around this world, many people came in search of Him, to receive the blessings and miracle from Him. He expected only one thing from them and that was faith. Once, two blind men came to Jesus. He prayed to God that they want to receive the sight. Then Jesus said, "Do you believe that I an able to do this?" They said, "Yes, Lord". Then Jesus touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith let it be to you". Immediately their eyes were opened. (Matthew 9:27-30) Though Jesus Christ had the power to do the miracles, He was able to do because of the faith of the two blind men. When I ask this question to few people who come to me for prayer, "Do you believe that Jesus can do a miracle?" They will say that they would believe him only if they receive a healing or blessing.

First we have to have faith in Him. Only then we can receive the blessings from Him. God cannot work when there is absence of faith. The Bible says that Jesus was not able to do a miracle when He came to Nazareth, the place where he grew. (Mark 6:5,6) So, first believe. You can see miracles only when you believe His power and His words. If you want to receive any kind of blessings from Jesus, first you must have faith in Him. Even if you want to receive salvation the forgiveness of sins, you have to believe Him. "For by grace you have been saved through Faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God". (Eph 2:8)

Many years before, we conducted meetings at Eethavilai, Kanyakumari every month for the whole year. After we conducted the meeting for four years, we visited the people at house to check their growth in spiritual life. Once a lady invited us lovingly when we went to her house for prayer. She spread the mat for prayer. I asked her as I was kneeling "why should I pray for you?" Immediately she said, "pray for the forgiveness of my sins". When I asked, "Have you ever prayed to God for the forgiveness of sins". She said, "I was convicted as a sinner when you came here for the first time. From that day onwards I have been praying for the forgiveness of my sins. For the past six months she had been praying "Lord I am a sinner, forgive my sins" Then I said, had He not forgiven your sins, when you prayed to him after being convicted of your sins?

Now she started to think. Then she said that she did not know whether He had forgiven her sins. Then I asked her for the second time, "what do your think, had He forgiven you or not? She said He had forgiven me. In that case, you have to believe that forgiveness of sins. Only then you will have the joy of salvation in your hearts, I explained to her all these truths from the Bible. Then she started praising God. She received the joy of salvation when I told her to pray in this manner, "I thank you for forgiving and forgetting my sins ". So, to receive the blessings from God, we have to claim and believe the word of God. You can receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit through faith alone. "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water". But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not, yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. (John 7:38,39) You can receive healing from disease through faith alone. "And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven". (James 5:15)

A lady, who had a disease for twelve years, came to know about Jesus and believed that, "She would be healed if she would touch the garment of Jesus. Immediately, the power went from Jesus and healed her sickness. Jesus did not say to her. "Be of good cheer daughter, my power has made you well". But He said, "Daughter, your faith has made you well (Matthew 9:22). The faith that she had on the healing power of Jesus gave her miraculous healing. So, when you believe power of Jesus, you can receive your miraculous healing. Be it any kind of blessing, you can receive all these from Jesus Christ through your prayer of faith. "And all things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive". (Matthew 21:22) Jesus said, " whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them". (Mark 11:24) Is it your children's marriage? Is it problems? Is it something regarding work? Is it childlessness? Is it your business? Be it any kind of miracle, first have faith and continue to pray with faith for you shall receive.

The Bible says, when you ask God, "Ask God in faith with no doubting" (James 1:5-7) people who doubt cannot receive the blessings from God. But, I have seen, many people being dismayed and have said, "What can I do, for I don't have faith?" Are you dismayed? Let me share this glad tiding to you. FAITH IS WITHIN YOU! Yes readers, you have this faith within you "but to think soberly, as God had dealt to each one a measure of faith" (Rom 12:3) God has kept faith within each individual. Nobody can say that they do not have faith. Suspecting the presence of God given faith, is unbelief. First accept that you have faith within you according to God's word. You say to Him, "Lord I thank you for keeping this faith within me".

The faith that is within you is enough to receive all the blessings that you need from God. Once a father came to Jesus for the sake of his son who was possessed by demon. He looked at Jesus and said, "But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us". Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes". Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, Lord I believe: help my unbelief". Then Jesus delivered the child. (Mark 9:22-25) Watch the answer that was given by Jesus to the father who wanted a miracle. He said, "If you can believe, all things are possible to Him who believes". Listen to the answer of the father, "Lord, I believe" and he also said, "help my unbelief". He had within him, the faith to receive the deliverance for his son. Hence, he said, "I believe". Because he suspected the faith that was within, he asked Jesus to help his unbelief. Beloved people, you too have a measure of faith that was given to you by God. Do not suspect the faith that is within you.

There are people, who say, "I have limited faith, how can I receive miracles with this one?" Jesus said, "If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you". (Matthew 17:20) It is enough if you have faith as a mustard seed. You can receive miracles in your life. Nothing will be impossible for you. Using this same faith as mustard seed, You can receive miraculous healing. You can receive your needs. You can be delivered from the bondage of debts. You can receive the fruit of the womb. Having this limited faith, you can receive great things from the Lord. To strengthen your faith and to increase in your faith, you have to obey the word of God. "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God". (Rom 10:17) So, the more we listen to the word of God, faith will be created in us. The more you read and hear the word of God, faith will increase is us. Hence, we have to read and meditate the Bible.

It is better to hear the sermon of God rather than meeting them for individual prayer. Watch the ministry of Jesus: He did miracle to all those who came to Him, but most of the times preaching was primary, followed by healing. (Matt 4:23, Matt 9:35, Mark 6:34, Luke 5:3) Paul, the Apostle preached in a city called Lystra. Now, there was a certain man without strength in his feet was sitting. He was crippled from his mother's womb, who had never walked". He was listening to Paul's sermon. Paul observing him intendly and seeing that he had faith to be healed said with a loud voice, "stand up straight on your feet" And he leaped and walked. Observe this miracle carefully. The man, who was crippled from his childhood, heard the preaching of the gospel first. Faith grew more when he heard about Jesus observing this faith; Paul asked him to stand up straight on his feet. Immediately a miracle took place. The crippled man started to walk. He received the miraculous healing. When you believe, you can also receive this miraculous healing and deliverance. I have met many people in the paths of my ministry, who have said depressed statements like these.

"I pray with faith and I come to meetings with faith. But still I have not received any miracles. My prayers have not been answered and I have not received my healing". FAITH WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD "What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe and tremble! But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without work is dead? For as the body without the spirit is dead. So faith without works is dead also. (James 2:14,19,20,26) Your faith is dead, if you say you have faith and there is no work. So, there is no use with faith that is without work. You cannot receive blessings with faith and no work. You can receive blessings from God only when you exhibit your faith with work. To obey the word of God is to work with faith. It is to act according to the word of God. When Jesus saw the man who had an infirmity for thirty years said to him, "Rise, take up your bed and walk". He did not say to Him, "I am unable to walk and hence lying down? When he heard the words of Jesus, he tried to rise up and walk. His faith was exhibited with work when he started to use up. Immediately, he received a miracle. ( John 5:1-9)

A servant of God was preaching in a meeting. People unable to walk were sitting on wheel chairs near the dias. During the prayer time, he called out three people according to the leading of the Holy Spirit and said "Jesus is healing you, Rise up and walk in Jesus' Name". Immediately two people tried to get up from the wheel chair to walk. They started walking! They received their miraculous healing. But one man was still sitting there on the wheel chair. The servant of God said, "Rise up and walk, Jesus is healing you" But he said, I am unable to walk and that is why I am sitting here. The servant of God said, "those two people are walking". But this sister said, "I cannot walk?" It was God's will to heal these three people. But two people exhibited their faith with work and therefore received their healing. This sister did not receive her healing because of the faith without work.

She thought that God would heal her when she attends the meeting. But she missed the healing because she was unable to exhibit her faith will work. Faith without work is dead. There was no rain in a certain city and hence the whole city suffered. They believed that God can shower rain and hence they arranged a prayer meeting to pray to God for rain. Thousands of people came for the meeting. A small girl who came to the meeting brought an umbrella. Many mocked this small girl because they have not seen rain quiet sometime. A man asked her, "why have you come with an umbrella when there is no rain? Then the girl answered. "Now we are going to pray for the rain and God will answer us immediately. So I don't want to get drenched and hence I have brought this umbrella". The faith of this small child astonished many. This is faith with work. Though everybody came for prayer, it was only this child who exhibited her faith with work. For God will honour this kind of faith.

You too believe. Exhibit your faith with work and you shall receive your healing. Believe that Jesus can do a miracle in your individual affairs, family, education, work, business, marriage, debt problem and ministry. Believe and expect your miracle and then you shall receive your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your healing right now. Please write down your problems for which you want a miracle. Immediately bend your knees and pray with faith. God of miracle, I thank you for you have been listening to my prayers all through. I pray to you to do a miracle for this particular problem this very day. I believe that you can do a miracle for this problem? I expect a miracle with faith? In Jesus name! Amen……Amen YOUR MIRACLE IS ON YOUR WAY! "EXPECT YOUR TODAY"

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By E.S. John Melbourne, Australia)

Fire embrace fire but destroys everything around. The creek flows into the river; it eventually kisses with the great oceans. Like poles usually repel but modern technology and sophisticated life style have metamorphosed the instinctive rhythms of the biological pattern making like poles attract. There is a precedence of a cataclysmic fire that ravaged an ancient city of bohemian life style. Hence the microcosmic asteroids cherish a fancy to attract the macrocosmic ones.

An all pervading night enveloped the terrestrial aura. Only the world rulers of the present darkness and the spiritual host of wickedness can roam around and reap a good harvest in this infernal gloom. "Humanity must perforce prey on itself like monsters of the deep". The impending dilemma of the flock at the consummation of time was visualized even in the first century itself." I know after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking perverse things to draw the disciples after them". Priests, the ambassadors of God on earth have the authority to loose and bind the sins of mankind, but now they are virtually the blind leading the blind. In such an age of utter spiritual darkness the naïve whisper of few government or church ministers can start only a storm in the teacup.

All major religions and cultures of the world had seen long before the self-immolating humanity at the close of the age. The Hindu sages wrote volumes over four thousand years ago about the end of the aeon darkness, which they called the age of Kali (Kali Yoga or the Iron Age). The fourth empire which prophet Daniel saw was also pertaining to the iron empire of the Iron Age. The four empires which Daniel saw in his visions were the Babylonian empire of King Nabuchadanazar, the Roman empire, the Anglo Saxon empire (British empire) and the empire of a global Soviet Communism. The Iraq war which took place in 1990 was portrayed by the seer over three millenniums ago. I had already given a warning about the same in my English book ,The Abomination of Desolation, which was written in 1989"……..behold a he-goat came from the west across the face of the whole earth, without touching the ground………He came to the ram with two horns (the Babylonian countries of Iran and Iraq)….but he cast him down and trampled upon him and there was no one who could rescue the ram from his power".

A transparent picture of the Iron Age was also portrayed by other prophets."…In the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanders, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it"." Now the spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons through the pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared…""In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions. It is these who set up divisions, worldly people devoid of the Spirit." What else is there in place of the spirit? The evil spirits! Towards the end of Kaliyuga a prince of the world may bridle the affairs of this world for seven years with his iron fist…"a King of bold countenance, one who understand riddles, shall arise. His power shall be great, and he shall cause fearful destruction, and shall succeed in what he does, and destroy mighty men. The war referred to is mentioned in the sacred Sanskrit book and is known as the battle of KURUKSHETRA which is equivalent the battle of Armageddon for Christians. It was fought between the five PANDAVA brothers (the five Anglo- Saxon countries) and their allies, and 101 KOWRAVAH brothers (probably the members of the non-aligned nations) and their supporters. The notable symptoms of the age will be abhorrent moral decadence, rebellion, natural and manmade calamities, and the fearlessness of the supreme sovereign power. In order to quench the lust and the fleeting pleasure of the flesh all the brutish instincts of the beast will predominate in man. Any form of profligate sex gratification, which is the only promiscuity that can make an indelible mark on the next many generations will hunt on the human species detrimentally at the end of the time.Sex is meant only for the propagation of the species but the nervous pleasure associated with it is only a bonus offered for the proprietor and his partner. As there is no evidence of sex impulse in Celestial sphere, it is clear that it is saturated within the horizon of the terrestrial world. The Hindu literature delineates that KAMA (Sensuality or LOVE)is the root cause of all human evils. Kama and avarice are the two sides of the same coin. The dormant sexuality in Adam and Eve was awakened only after eating the forbidden fruit. And the man and his wife were naked, and were not ashamed. As soon as the angelic first parents ate the fruit, the earth felt its wound and the Pandora's box was ajar, resulting in the leaping of all the infernal vices. What were the ingredients of the forbidden fruit masking Adam and Eve ashamed of their nakedness? Satan infused the fire which he stole from the abysmal empire of the evil angels into the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Hades is also the dominion of the Governor of the whole universe. In the light of the Greek mythology, Promethius who stole fire, the dart of the demon, was punished for ten thousand years. As God wanted to crush his enemy he used the same weapon of sex to bruise its heads. Bluffing his adversary, God became incarnate in the Virgin without any flavor of his duel's dart. He didn't permit any conjugal union other than the officially blessed marital wedlock. The punitive measures of any profligates sex, whether pre-marital, extramarital or homosexual are permeated within our delicate biological system. The sour taste of the licentious sex is sure to come to fruition at any time.

The global technological village of today is a product of all our stereotyped and banal habits and vices. The modern so-called civilized world is confronted with the untold miseries of the evanescent and ephemeral life. Our animal instincts are cultivated and nurtured under the banner of freedom. Freedom is only a philosophical and abstract concept whereas man is crying like a child in the night, crying for the light. The more we try to liberate ourselves from the clutches of the problems of life, the more we are enslaved by the fleeting pleasures of life. Only the truth can set us free. We boast ourselves as the advocates and stalwarts of democracy. Feel the pinch whether we are under the grip of democracy or demonocrazy (craziness of demons). Cosmetic behavior or cosmetic appearance has nothing to do with the purity or excellence of character and quality of life but vice versa. The tentacles of pornography, divorce, hard drugs, treachery, lechery, and so on have gone too deep into our flesh. so that the essential ingredients for the superlative and luminous life have been sucked out of our blood, leaving behind a skeleton of oblivious and vicious past. Are we better than our cousins, the apes? Even the mute animals prefer life to death, whereas the end result of our licentious and permissive life transport us to the no man's land of euthanasia. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark because the modern Shylocks gambles with their base instincts of grabbing all our wealth and health so as to build concrete cities together with gambling facilities and cemeteries.

Any organization, religion or church work theoretically for the upliftment of mankind, but when it comes to the pragmatic sides, there are loopholes and flaws in everything. Democracy is a noble but an utopian way of life. However, it is better than a despotic and totalitarian concept. Although man appears to be simple, he is very complex animal. He is the only animal intertwined with the subtle and sublime entities of a terrestrial and cosmic trinity; body, mind and soul. The lawmakers should inculcate a better view of life than a pedestrian and sophisticated way of life. They must recognize that there are two laws working at loggerheads with each other at varying frequencies of the esoteric and exoteric principles.

There is a spiritual law that governs man's life. There is also another law which works in opposition but antagonistic but against the unseen law. The man made rules have only a subordinate role and these should work in unison with the supreme ,natural, ethical and spiritual vibrations embracing all the dimensions of our existence.

Freedom has a limit and responsibility. We are not permitted to infringe upon the rights of others. There are only two creative passions; one is love and other is creative fear. Inculcate creative fear by moral precepts and emulate corrections. Teach and encourage virtues, not vices. Democracy does not advocate the clash of animal magnetism and bestial behavior of any type. The consenting partners start like demigods, but swoop down like the architect of their own prediction like the dark fallen angels.

Apparently there are 3 epochs in human history.4000 years before Christ BC), 2000 years of Christ's era (AD) and 1000 years of post Armageddon era.

The earthly life in the third epoch is beyond our imaginations and guess work. "And I will put the third into fire, but refine them as one refines silver, and taste them as gold is tasted". It may be a deathless era. Do they belong to the cloned human species? Deathlessness may end up in overcrowding."Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each with staff in hand for very old age. The streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets."During the great tribulation period and post tribulation period "men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them". "There will be portents in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke".

The rehearsal of the doom of Sodom should be a warning for the fauna and flaura of this planet.

Fire engulfs fire. We cannot escape from another natural phenomena; diamond cuts down diamond itself. The modern hedonistic life style is a synonym of Sodom. The mundane fire is being attracted by the outer cosmic fire. The modern Stone Age man who claims to be highly civilized and cultured however is ripe for a terrible breakdown

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By Shomik Chaudhury New York, USA
UN Representative Institute of International Social Development NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC))

Ever since the end of World War II and the birth of the United Nations, the civilized world looked upon the future with hope that the terror and devastation of war would become a distant nightmare and peace would descend on earth. Over the five and half decades that have gone by, their hopes might have waned but the possibility of having everlasting peace remains within the power of humanity to embrace - if they want to!

Summits and conferences on peace and dialogues among nations and people enhance that possibility and bring the people together to learn and celebrate the diverse cultures that humanity represents. It enables us to understand each other better and build the bridge of friendship and brotherhood. Yet, the nations fight; terrorize people with acts of terror and Mother Earth gets to drink the blood of her children over and over again. If it bewilders the intelligentsia it is not a surprise, as permanent peace is not found through external means.

Peace is a state of existence for each person where the calm and bliss of harmony with oneself and one's environment oozes and permeates into the whole society. It might be thought of as utopia and yet the pathway to the state of peace all around was explained and practiced at a point of human history that is still now beyond our dimmed vision. When we see nations enter into conflicts and war, we need to see the roots of all such conflicts. Where do the differences and the violent nature of nations erupt? The founding pillars of all nations and society are individual human beings. So, naturally, the power of peace should evolve from the individual human beings and encompass the nations and the whole society.

We have seen through history the lurid records of war and violence that have left bloodstained memories and experiences for us to take lessons from. Conflicts arising from differences due to race, religion, culture, color and nationality have shed enough blood through the millennia. As we can see conflicts arise from the material state of existence - defined by matter and energy. We identify ourselves as human beings of specialized categories like Europeans, Americans, South Asians, Africans, or Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or whites, blacks, browns and so on. All these identifications are limited to the body and its different manifestations. The human being is composed of his physical body, the mental, the intellectual and the emotional states and the spiritual existence. The spiritual existence or the spirit is the ultimate and the real identification for each human being. At the spiritual level we can identify ourselves as a part of the infinite and see all others also as part of that.

We can discover the unity that lies amid our diversity. Then only can we bring peace on this planet. When we talk of peace, it must evolve from within us - we have to be peaceful from within to bring about peace in the world. The enemies of our peaceful existence are avarice, unbridled and misguided ambitions, jealousy, anger, lust, unlimited desires for sense gratification and ego. They diffuse into our obsessions, prejudices, vices, failings, and in our intellectual and spiritual ignorance. Once they are removed, peace will descend. These are impulses that are within all of us. They do not emerge from the interactions with others. We need to clean our beings of these vices ourselves. The scriptures say, "A person who has given up all desires for sense gratification, who lives free from desires, who has given up all sense of proprietorship and is devoid of false ego - he alone can achieve peace." What is necessary to achieve this state of unity and peace is a change of consciousness from the material level to the spiritual level.

If we are seeped into gross material living through alcoholism, drugs, financial corruption, deception, and other immoral activities we cannot stop the corresponding evils of lower moral standards, nepotism and other forms of corruption to diffuse into the society. That would sow the seed of conflicts. It is only by the purification of one's existence through self-control, cleanliness, austerity, simplicity, truthfulness and freedom from anger and covetousness that can raise the consciousness of the society. Furthermore, the inculcation of the principles of compassion for all living entities, gentleness, modesty, steady determination, tranquility, aversion to fault finding, vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, freedom from envy and passion for honor, and the cultivation of true spiritual knowledge - all these transcendental qualities help the consciousness to rise to the divine level. A society that is seeped in illusion - ignorant of our true spiritual identity - creates chaos and confusion, to quarrels and lamentation. To get out of that consciousness, we must focus on our spiritual identity.

In our modern world, to understand each other and live in harmony, the United Nations system that emerged from the ashes of World War II, offers humanity an unprecedented opportunity to break down the barriers that have existed for centuries. It offers a platform for dialogue among civilizations to learn, understand, share and celebrate each other's diversity and to forge unity among them all. It offers a platform to resolve all conflicts through nonviolent means. It also offers the opportunity to realize the commonality of our existence. We can call God by any Name that we prefer, but He is the One and only One who has created us and we are all part of Him. It also does not matter what religion we follow as all true religions teach the love of God as the ultimate. When we develop the love of God, then we learn to love our fellow men as we see all of them as our brothers and sisters. We can then live like a family helping each other and being united in life and beyond. It is this state of spirituality that is most important.

All religions are just different paths to spirituality or spiritual development. The science of the spirit is beyond anything. When we are able to develop the love of God, all our vices and illusions that create the divisions melt into the infinite love of God. Immediately, universal love, unity, and tranquility will manifest. We will be at peace and the whole world would experience permanent peace. Then we can attain the United Nations goal of "One Earth One Family." In the present world it is also very important for the leaders at every level of the governing system to be spiritual. Without the divine qualities from where emerges true wisdom, there can never be right decisions that can benefit people permanently. Without that there can never be peace. When we see some people raise weapons against their own brothers and sisters, we realize how imperative it is to inculcate this science amongst humanity. It should be done from infancy for children to develop the right tastes and principles in life and enable them to become true citizens of a peaceful world order. If we introspect deeply about the reasons for increase in crime, disease, poverty and despair in humanity, we would realize that the main reason is because of our ignorance of our divine nature and the neglect of our spiritual purpose.

When human energy and resources could be less spent on self-protection, and mind and sense gratification, it can be used for developmental purposes and for peaceful coexistence. It is the love of God that can make the world a paradise, and selfishness and hatred that can make it hell. The people who endeavor to focus and promote the unity among people are the real peacemakers. Let each one of us try to be a real peacemaker and fill this beautiful world with the deluge of love, compassion and cooperation

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Bible Word to by heart:

Be wise as searpent ,
and harmless as doves.

St.Mathew 10:16)

By Mareen Mathew

In the year 1582, Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar in Europe for the Christians. The old Julian calendar had fallen out of 'alignment' with the earth, removing the first day of spring ten days out from where it should be. As a remedy Pope instituted what became known as the Gregorian calendar. Ten days were removed in October 1582. Those who went to bed on the evening of October 4, 1582, woke up on October 15, 1582. Under the new calendar holidays, anniversaries, and even birthdays were all bumped up 10 days.

One of the first countries to accept the Gregorian calendar was France. In France, New Year's was celebrated with a festival that ran from March 25th to April 1st, a week of gift giving that ended with parties on April 1st. Under the new calendar, the first day of the year was changed to January 1st. Still, there were some French men and women who had not heard or did not believe the change in the date. They continued to celebrate "the old way." To those who had made the change to the Gregorian calendar, this presented a problem: what to do with the recalcitrants, the anachronists, if you will? One answer was to play tricks on these "unbelievers," to send them on "fools' errands" or convince them that something false was true. After all, they already refused to accept the new truth, decreed by the pope no less. Once the pranks were played and then the tricks revealed, the pranksters would call out April Fish!. Even today, a French child might tape a paper fish to a friend's back on April 1st to celebrate this. In America, a college student might set the clock in his dormitory room up an hour and then convince his roommate that he had overslept. In general, the pranks are harmless and good-natured fun, or at least they should be.

And in case you're wondering, this words are not an April Fool's joke, if you don't believe it, don't believe.
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