The pouring of the Spirit of God on the day of Pentecost upon the multicultural people of the then world happened, while also the 11 apostles and the mother of God assembling and praying there after the ascension of Jesus. While everyone was speaking in his own tongue and understood by the strangers in their own language, the 11 apostles, not the mother of God or anyone else, stood up and revealed the mystery from the prophesy of Joel. Despite the Spirit of God made them understand in their own language, the hidden mystery was understood only by the apostles who have been the torchbearers and the builders of the church. It was a fact that the Holy Spirit worked in understanding their language, but thereafter we see that the dwelling of the Spirit of God upon the elects who were baptized was only by laying the hands of the apostles, Acts.6: 6; 10: 44-48.

The deacons who converted people to Christianity didn’t have the authority of laying their hands for receiving the Spirit of God upon the baptized ones, Acts.8: 14-19. Those who received the baptism of John the Baptist also were baptized again and breathed and laid their hands by the apostles, the most imperative part of receiving the Spirit of the New Age. We don’t have any witness stated thereafter that all who spoke in different languages had baptized anyone. Even St.paul after receiving the hands of Annanias stood before the apostles, Acts.9: 26-30. The faith that the Builders of the church preached and practiced was on the basis of Jesus’ commission of the ministry which was given in the following versus. “All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age”, Mt.28: 18-2o. These are the words of the resurrected Christ to His 11 exclusive apostles before His ascension, with a strict discipline of teaching everything what He had told them till His coming.

Again listen to the risen Christ, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you…he breathed on them, and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained”, Jn.20: 21-23: Mt.18: 18: Lk.22. Just like the Father gave the authority to the Son, the Son gave it exclusively to His 12 apostles the key to the kingdom of Heaven, the priestly authority for the forgiveness of sins of the repenting sinners. All men folk, except the chosen ones, are not given with this authority; every man and woman has to get this absolution from God’s ambassadors, bishops who delegate this power to the priests only, not even to the deacons. This faith that the early biblical Christians obeyed/observed and followed should be taught and practiced till the close of the age, as prescribed by the Lord. Such selected clergy is allowed to serve His body to the faithful one till the end of the age.

If these early biblical doctrines of the priestly authorities are not honoured and followed, how come there are priests, bishops and Pastors in other denominational churches who give importance to everything that is temporal by “wearing the cowl that alone doesn’t make a monk” and by trampling over the authority of the priesthood of the virgin church. Will a Pastor allow anyone of his congregation allow to baptize, conduct wedding and burial ceremonies or collect the tithe, and similar other things. Ruling over the herd by provoking or creating fear in the marginalized and ignorant ones is the concocted salvation process of the modern religions. Giving importance to the temporal positions and throwing away and desecrating the sanctimonious commission of the Lord’s priestly authority are the naked signs of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Sadducees of the apocalyptic Christians.

If everyone is a member of the royal priesthood, 1.Pet.2: 1-10, do you dare give your temporal and religious positions to everyone of your congregation? The church culminates as ‘a kingdom of priests and a holy nation’, Exo.19: 6, only after reaching the Heavenly Zion, Rev.3: 21. The administrative ladders of parish, Diocese and the names of the ecclesiastical hierarchies and the church organizational bodies of the early church are all duplicated under different names in other denominations by the Heads, like calling faith home for the church and the priest as the pastor who lead the blind has become the culture of heretical Christianity which find pleasure in the commercialization of anything that was treated as sacred till now by a small ecclesia. The same laxity also is blindly copied in the Orthodox Church at the end of days for the sake of temporal glorification. One can befool man, not the Lord of everything.

Woman’s salvation process:
The best authority in this regard is st.Paul. The creation of Adam first and Eve from his rib and her infringement of the first commandment of God puts her in a subordinate role that accomplishes God’s will of replenishing the world through her conception that give in to pre-and post-natal conditions of nursing and caring the family members, Gen.3: 16. “Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet woman will be saved through bearing children, if she continues in faith and love and holiness, with modesty.” 1.Tim.2: 14-15; 1.Pet.. Faith, love and holiness is not enough because modesty, the common denominator, is the tranquilizer that makes everything calm, cool and normal. She has no authority to rule over man in any venue, but a complementing role in all good things that is what is expected from her. Owing to the function of developing the mammary glands, uterus ovary and other unseen internal developments, maternal body chemistry and body constitution and thought frequency is slightly different from the man’s. “As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silence in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be subordinate, as the Law says…..” 1.Cor.14: 34-36. The Law was given to Moses by God; hence we don’t have any power to scrap God’s Law now.

Equality in parish/church decision-making bodies:
Yet knowing that it is a losing battle, I write for the sake of the believers who sit on the fence because they will be forced to the other side by the recalcitrant clergy and their misled and ambitious laity that is waging a raging war in convincing the hierarchy to give the voting rights to women. Some of us have been trying to impart the readers with the chaste teaching on this topic, but is in vain because many of the militant cronies are under the influence of the spirit of this world which only helps to propagate profanity and sacrilege. There has been no trace of equal participation of women in any religious venues of the Judeo-Christian community, nor in any other religions till now, that stipulated the rule and role by God that she bring forth children in great pain and he shall rule over her, Gen.3. All other religions followed this as a basic tenet of their teaching. The radical work- culture proponents who are not conversant with the religious laws pushed for the equal wage for both sexes, a genuine claim, and later were accepted by the political and secular spectrum that used it as a vote catching bait for the party and the Governments. All the religions and institutions and family are under the thrust of this political force that doesn’t care about God or theology.

  1. The main objection of this irreligious, yet sentimental and nerve-breaking Pandora’s Box is the sex that is the direct byproduct of the forbidden fruit. Knowing that sex is alien to the celestial plane, sex impulse that God blessed after the great fall is an ingredient of the share of the devil in the poisonous fruit. The reason for the Son of Man in taking the Incarnate birth without the wedlock process was to show that the demons are His archenemies. If the church is the body of Christ, there is no room for any sex stimulus in the second Heaven, the church. Not only the conjugal roles, but also the biological monthly cycle, pre and post-natal roles also are abominations in the religious places. The rules in this connection are given in the Mosaic creed. In order to avoid any sex impulse in the commingling places of man and woman in church, the argument to hand over the clergy positions to women and let men follow the present role of woman is absurd. It is impossible because God hasn’t changed the role of man, nor of woman’s conception and suckling, since the days of Eden. If man can conceive and giving birth children naturally, the roles can definitely be changed.

  2. If anyone claims, except some high profile old yogis, that he or she is always alien to sex impulses in commingling places, every one will certainly label him/her as a hypocrite of the first order. How many bishops and other clergy and laity members are locked up in jails. Looking with lust is a sin.

  3. So far the pulse of the secular system was religion that dictated social laws. In the days of the ‘fair is fowl and fowl is fair; the secular system conquered the religious territory and deposited all their filths as laws there. This is why the sane say that allowing women as observers in our meeting is not a decision by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Alas! We are subdued by the spirits of the underworld.

Pragmatic dilemmas:
I know of a parish that enshrines the equality of both sexes for about last 3 decades. People don’t fear and tremble during the worshipping times, but they shudder and tremble to go for the parish meetings because both husband and his wife, also adult children, in most cases, join together to add fuel for the scenes of pandemonium there. Or the family members will fight against themselves by washing their dirty family linen in public. That parish never had the quorum to hold the meetings on the first scheduled day, except during the formative years that had a membership of less than half a dozen families, but they have the provision of having the meeting next time without counting the heads of the members. Our Fathers have been very wise and practical while making the rules that constrains within the doctrines. One family shouldn’t be allowed to prowl over the weak or vulnerable families that are either poor or having no higher social status.

Pure Worship:
Sexual impulse that is a sacrilege to celestial culture has no place in the second Heaven, church, where Christ is the head. This is the reason for the cardinal rule that totally disallows women to participate in the decision-making bodies. Moreover, as Christ is the head and church the body, man is the head of the family that is a miniature heaven.

The biblical proofs authenticate that we are at the garden of Gethsemane, the twilight hour, where Christ said that “it is your time and the hour of darkness”, Lk.22. Moreover, women are not allowed to touch the fruit, Holy mysteries, from the tree of Life, as she plucked the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Follow the prophets and apostles who have given us warnings for the last 6000 years of a detrimental dimension that suffocate this world and its life at the close of the age by the prince of Darkness. Try to understand the scriptures and prophesies that portray about the apocalyptic, cataclysmic and humanitarian crises at the end in epic proportions. “First of all you must understand this, that no prophesy of scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, because no prophesy ever came by the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God”, 2.Pet.1: 20-21; Mt.24: 33-39. But nothing can quell the ego-thrilled motivation of “it is better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven” because bringing God down to His knee is the war cry of the Devil.

Biblical misquoting:
Some pedestrian believers, including some misguided clergy that has no theological wisdom, dare to quote the scriptures in the wrong places which dump their followers in the underworld darkness. For example, these ignorant people say that Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene. So what. This is a glaring example of how Jesus loves the sinners. He also loved a woman who was haunted by 7 legions of the devil and His mother who was handed over to St.John for looking after her because both had the golden blessings of witnessing the first live celebration of the Eucharist at Golgotha, the mother representing the church, including the womenfolk, and St.John representing the male clergy and males? He didn’t assign any ecclesiastical role to His beloved mother. Instead of handing over His mother to St.John at the last moment of His departure from this world, He could have invited her to the Last Supper and give her the vital role of ecclesiastical apostleship. Jesus is not a selfish man like some clerics who are eclipsed by the power games of the Almighty dollar. I challenge any religious minister or theologian to list their evidences of biblical references that validate women’s equality in decision-making venue which pave the way for female priesthood, and I can answer them one by one either in this site or face to face. We shouldn’t allow the blind to lead the blind.

St.Mary’s role was to bear the God Incarnate, not to become a disciple among the 12. Man is the head of the household, just as Jesus is the head of the church that symbolically represents st.Mary. First commandment was to obey, not to claim equality and rule. If a woman reveres God, she will respect her husband and accept his guidance. Remember that there is no femininity in Heaven; all are like angels who are men, Eze.1; Lk.20: 36. Serve first one’s husband in this plane and attain the equality of manhood in the next plane that is beyond the grave. Instead of God making all as men or all as women, He creates man and woman for His service here and hereafter. It is man’s duty to look after the woman, and vice versa in different connotations; Eve’s failure in accompanying her husband created hell on earth because Satan enticed her when she went away from Adam. The independent or segregating nature will make imbalance in all our everyday life. Freedom or independence is only an abstract concept; no one is free or independent in this life, even out of 6 billion people, nobody looks alike, despite everybody is created in the image and likeness of God. Equality that one professes is a prompting from the Devil who wants mankind’s destruction, the triumph card of the Devil defeating God. The truth is that the vast majority of womenfolk don’t support the views of a splinter group minority. God create man and woman in different role functions just to show that equality is a phenomenon that Lucifer has used it as a weapon of rebelling against the superior position of God. The same Lucifer is trying to work through her at the end of days on the basis of equality.

If the disgrace of Eve is rectified through the Incarnate Word’s birth without wedlock, can anyone take his birth without sexual union or all womenfolk remain as spinsters like St.Mary? As long as the sexual propensity remains in human beings, the first devil-seduced parents still live in us with all their carnivorous instincts. Adam’s sin of disobedience is forgiven by the blood of Christ, but we are accountable to every sin that we commit by the impulse of Adam’s mortal frame work. In spite of Jesus having many women companions and the Bethany Convent that perhaps donated money to Jesus’ disciples, Lk.8: 1-8, none, even His beloved mother, was given any ecclesiastical role to play. Woman’s complementing roles in sustaining the family and society has been her church that complements man’s priestly authority.

The dissemination of the human species, both has the authority and duty of Christian gospelization. As man is the giver in the nuptial process and she the recipient, male clergy is the celebrant and the giver, and all others the receivers. He loved the sinners, like Mary Magdalene, the Samaritan unclean woman, the woman caught red hand for adultery, Jn.8, and also Zacchaeus and the tax collectors who cheated others for gain. The tax collector St.matthew was one of his 12 apostles, but not Mary Magdalene or the Samaritan woman, though both were sinners of different magnitude, because of sex disparity that make the dividing line between man and woman in family and public places. There were 70 or 72 evangelists, why were not invited for the last Passover supper? Twelve apostles is a unique and segregated group that is only entrusted to hand over the Aaronite cum Melchizadekian priesthood to the unique church. Another sign of sympathy to women is that they cried on the way to Golgotha. When any bird dies, the craws herd around and display their grief by making a hoarse cry, does it signify that the craw is the vulture. Women are the embodiment of mercy, compassion, love and sacrifice, the basic essential qualities of a mother in her suckling and nurturing process, does it mean that she has the clerical duty that is weaved in the sacred theology of celebrating the Liturgy? The authority of preaching gospel by women has no authority of Lord’s commission in celebrating the liturgy. The Mechanical ability of leading a high-tech life that enables the modern women to make sound financial give outs has no place in holding ecclesiastical ownership or stewardship; one is temporal and the other is spiritual that is dictated from the Heights.

Do what is told and called for; any trespassing beyond that limit is utter disobedience that automatically bring punishment of severe nature which Adam and Saul, the first king of Israel, reaped bitterly. The whole Christian life is a compendium of commandments and its sacred observance; if violated, vexing punishment is sure to come. Just like the devil misquotes the bible, the nominal Christians also cite for one’s advantages and out of sheer ignorance and high profile head weight, the product of fossil money that minted fossil Christians who having no flesh and blood of healthy Christian doctrines and living. The flamboyant Christian doctrines, ethics and living are worse than heathenism, a byproduct of ignorance and genetic disorders. Time, education, social backgrounds are not part of ecclesiastical stigmas; what is ordained and practiced by the Lord is the cardinal monuments of theological concepts because Jesus is same yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is why written and oral traditions play a greater place in Christian worship and daily living style; theological bastardization that is deep-rooted in selfishness of ruling over others is a crime or a heresy, a mortal sin. The heretical churches that sedated the authority of priesthood zealously want to dynamite it in the virgin church, the reason for the lobbying for the mobilization of feminism everywhere. Realize well that feminism is a goddess that craves for sensual worship. Do it straight away, without mingling it with religion or spirituality. If ‘eternity lies in the kiss of a woman (Poet Robert Browning), why should we seek the Heavenly kingdom beyond the horizons that again is a mythical mirage?

Slavery of Secularism:
Before making the secular system as a venue of equal opportunity place, they sought opinions from grass root levels, Trade Unions, to the Managerial and Government levels in all possible and available ways the pros and cons of changing the centuries-old system of patriarchal set-up. Have our religious hierarchy come to a verdict of changing the oldest doctrine that never reconciled with the modern secular system, after consulting with the Church Managing Committee, Malankara Association, Priests’ Association, and Managing Committees of each parish and General bodies in all the Dioceses of the church? Are we not throwing mud onto the Builders, apostles, of the church and subsequent Fathers? The vast majority of clergy and believers, especially women, are not in favour of this decision of giving women the observer status that is made without any consultation whatsoever with the relevant bodies of the church. Just as Jesus was illegally sentenced to death during the night that was against the Roman law, this decision of inviting women to the religious venues is an unholy one. Just like Jesus was crucified, we give consent to crucify the Spirit of God who eventually may desolate the holy place.

If we had taken any disciplinary measures against a couple of bishops and some of their priests who were taking girls to the altar after baptism about 4 decades ago, when it was illegal, we may not have confronted with the next stage of the scenario now because the radicals know that by creating commotion among the crowd they can do anything what they want and grab the power cauldron. Swinging the censor to both sides alternatively to men’s and then to women’s side when the Sexton comes westward is not for honouring man and woman equally; it is only an appeasement policy that brings good salary from women who outnumber men in certain sectors of the workforce. Swinging the censor to the right seems to be the best scriptural explanation. Soon after such unauthorized sacramental infringements certain sacraments like baptism and wedding and the house warming ceremony have become the strongholds of Shepherds who encouraged the faithful to give money and adulation that became the language of the hierarchy and the laity for corrupting the entire church administration and spiritual arenas. As the money culture has become the ganglia of the church nervous system, we have now come to a stage that the end does not know the beginning. Believers, gird up and come forward and show your strength not only in court case implementations and gang war terrorisms, but also in defending the virgin faith of the antique church that is at its vanishing point.

Similarly, this encyclical now definitely will lead to the ordination of women in our church perhaps in five years’ time. What logic is there to give equal status to women on accounts of her money contribution, while her husband, the head of the family, has the right to take decision on her behalf? “I have the food to eat to which you do not know’, Jn.4:32, need no money from man or woman who becomes a stumbling-block for the progress of individuals, church and spirituality. If you want to give wife the equal right and representation in the religious venue, you are proving that the wife, a hermaphrodite version, is not submissive to her husband in validating the scriptural warning of ‘one body doctrine’, lord of her life here on earth, 1.Pet.3: 6. “Two swords cannot be put in the same sheath”.

Home training:
Sex equality seemingly doesn’t alleviate the daily sufferings of women because woman has proved to be the enemy of woman; otherwise what is the role of a Mother-in-law? The educated woman’s present woe is that she is not living with her mother-in-law to get sufficient trainings through bitter sufferings, the reason for man becoming the targeted enemy because everyone need an enemy to bash their animality, so also a friend to share one’s love. When the war between the mother in-law and daughter-in-law has ceased in educated women’s family, the workplace women became their friends who formed a Women’s Liberation Movement that fought against men folk for declaring their supremacy over man, due to so many seen and unseen outside and inside factors. No World Wars can destroy this world, but the wars in the family and religious places that produce false christs and false prophets only will force Christ to come down to collect the remnants of the believers. The absence of mothers-in –law totalitarianism, whether good or bad, in the educated families is the root cause of the depredation and destruction of the sanctity in Christian family life. One can’t hide the natural laws behind and live in the artificial hideouts of the new conducts of lives; one can become like the jackal that became the king of the animals for only 3.75 hours due to some unnatural predicaments.

Money and Power Games:
The apparent defeat of God the Father for an apple in Eden, as no money coin was a transaction medium then, Son’s sacrifice for 30 silver coins and the Holy Spirit’s crucifixion for tons of fossil money and power positions for the unfittest at the end of the days are the real foul games in the battle that began between good and evil in Eden.

Bible is a compendium of prophesies and their fulfillments during the course of time. “O foolish men, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?” said Christ, Lk.24: 25-26; Mt.24: 33-39. Jesus suffered and entered into glory by the heinous betrayal of His own disciple from the inner sanctum, so also the Spirit of God will have to grieve over the tortures inflicted by the religious hierarchy of the Bride, the Orthodox Church. There is only one Bride, not two for the Groom. Jesus explained the truth to the spiritually blind people about the prophets and their prophesies, and made them aware of the prophesies about the Incarnate Word. Who is there to explain about the human history’s darkest age that befalls on the Bride that is betrayed from within at the accomplishment of time?

Prophets, particularly Daniel and minor prophets of the OT times have meticulously forewarned what should happen at the close of the age that envelopes gloom and cataclysmic disasters and humanitarian crises in an epic proportion to the whole world. Jesus also delineates in brief about the impending dilemma about the end of the time, Mt.24. The fossil money has blinded the spiritual hierarchy that ends up already in power and money games. The apostles, especially St.Paul, St.John, st.Jude and St.Peter have portrayed a clear picture of the society at the culmination of time. The Orthodox Church was so far to an extent within the perimeter of their teachings and doctrines, but is being eclipsed now by the money spirituality, consumerism and recycled materialism. As the inner instincts are dictated by the secular sensibility, the church and many of its ministers have gone astray; having about 2,500 denominations and countless number of cults outside of it, and it is seemingly in the wasteland of Satan’s fortress. Now let us come to some of the salient aspects that don’t allow women to take part in the decision-making bodies of the parish/church.

Theological side:
The question of women’s involvement in the decision-making venues is a product of the Women’s Liberation Movement that is an outcome of a genuine claim of ‘same job, same wage concept’, the brain child of Labour Unions that is an amalgam of all sections of workers, hailing from atheists, agnostics and moral imbeciles and many fair-thinking mobs. Thus feminism, a byproduct of social anarchy became a strong force that encroached into every arena of our life, including religions that are now controlled by political and commercial spirituality. As it happened in other churches, the stage by stage step of controlling the church /spiritual hierarchy is the game of today’s religious aims of a majority section in the Orthodox Church. As Eve fell to the prey of Satan in Eden, no woman till now is allowed to touch the Holy Mystery or recite the worship and play the role of the celebrant in the Orthodox churches. Moreover, as sex is the outcome of the forbidden fruit and sex impulse is only the instrument for the propagation of the species on this earth, femininity is meant only for this planet. As there is only manhood in the celestial sphere, no woman is allowed to be a worker or co-associate in the religious vistas of our parishes, the second Heaven, and church hierarchy. Since sex is the outcome of the forbidden fruit, church, the second Heaven, should be untouched in all levels by its influence. Experiences have revealed that the choir and such places have become the places of match making, even the clergy seduces and marries girls from the choir. Hence women’s any role in the church is a forbidden fruit. Allowing women to sit in the decision-making venues is an infringement of ethical code.

Most of our present clergy and laity that are the products of Labour Unions once don’t have a clue about Orthodox mysticism, the reasons for some clergy members and a section of men folk supporting such moves of women’s participation in all levels of our religious venues. As the church hierarchy can’t fight against this combined militant group, they seemingly try to yield to such pressures, first sit as observers, then giving voting rights that pave the way for grabbing the hierarchical clerical roles step by step. Whoever stand against this force will be vanquished because profanity should reign at the end of the day, as all the prophesies will have to be fulfilled before the Lord’s coming. Just like the Jerusalem hierarchy of religion and secular and political spectrums of Christ’s time was corrupt to the core, the religious hierarchy that has no idea about the time of the coming of the Lord is fighting within for grabbing the best position that bring honour and money. The high-tech era is a curse for the church and a blessing for some laity and clergy in indulging in money and power spirituality. Woe unto the clerics who betray the Bride for the sake of political and religious spirituality, a crossbreed product for the period of the abomination of desolation.

Fulfillments of Prophesies:
In Heavenly heights, we don’t have a chance to rule, but only to obey silently, so also in the abysmal depths. Serve, not rule over the church is the commandment given by Jesus to His disciples. Man-made rules and policies are certainly subject to changes from time to time because “rules are made for men and men are not made for rules.” This is true when you speak of secular or social rules. But the church doctrines and canons are the outcome of covenants, statues, revelations and promises given by God and His messengers directly, the reasons for not only the church but also the society was governed by the Mosaic laws till yesterday. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Do not be led away by diverse and strange teachings…” Heb.13: 8-9. Everything is here that is given for all times, so also the natural imperatives like sucking and suckling, sleeping and waking up and similar other natural phenomena. Prophesies will come to cease. “Till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished”, Mt.5: 18, but loose ideas and selfish arguments and motives will pass away because God is just and Eternal. If one is electrified by the fire of infernal culture, no way we can escape from its grip, unless one tries whole-heartedly. I have written enough on this topic by now, I don’t like to add more fuels for a conflagration.

Abomination of desolation:
I am giving a translated portion from the 6th volume, p.182, of ‘Heretical churches’ of my Malayalam book series, altogether 12 volumes, that I published in 1994 under the heading ‘Abomination of Desolation’ (series), ‘Shunnyamakkunna Mlechatha’. “While I was cerebrating upon the necessity of writing books in Malayalam also due to the compulsion of my close friends, I saw the departed K.C.Mammen Mappilla clad in white garments standing before me without touching his feet on the ground….He was one of the pivotal warriors of our church that was led through the tumultuous storms over a century and found its victorious and safe destination on the other bank by his selfless sacrifices through his writings in his daily, Malayala Manorama, despite he was plucked out by his bishop from his plum job of Head Master position from M.D. School that provided him to earn the bread and butter for his children. The bishop who appointed the Head Master K.C. Mappilla replaced him with Dn. P.T. Ghevarughese who later joined the Roman church by founding the ‘Reeth Movement (Prasthanam’) and became an Archbishop under the name Mar Ivanios of that sect . I write about my vision just to inform the readers that my books may eventually help the church, just like K.C’s Daily helped the church once, at its future violent and catastrophic crises that can make irreparable damage to the very foundation of the Bride of the Groom.

Yes, here we are facing the tempestuous crises, The ‘Abomination of desolations’ that prophet Daniel prophesied and quoted by Jesus, Dan.11: 31; 12: 11; Rev. 17: 4, Mt.24: 15. In the light of Daniel’s prophesy, Antiochus Eppippanus conquered the Jerusalem Temple and defiled the Altar by spilling it with the blood of pigs. Then what sort of impurity that can desecrate the Altar of the Groom at Jesus’ second coming is referred to by the Incarnate word? The blood that it sanctified the Altar and human race by the blood of Jesus will be adulterated at His next coming. What sort of contaminated blood that Jesus cited and sighed about at His coming? The Mercy Seat that Jesus sits on the Holy Altar and its vicinity, Heb.9: 1-5, should be free from all sorts of uncleanness. I leave it to the readers to ponder over the uncleanness referred to. “So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place…”, Mt.24: 15. “Standing in the holy place” seemingly refers to the celebration of the holy Mystery by female clergy while standing because the liturgy is done while standing. It could ultimately mean that the conquest of the Altar by the prince of perdition when the Holy Spirit leaves it when the liturgy is celebrated by the female priest. “He who has an ear, let him hear, what the Spirit says to the churches”, Rev.2: 29.

Thanks God for His blessing in prompting me in publishing these volumes under the heading “Abomination of Desolation”. This desolation of the Spirit of God from the Altar is a great and pernicious avalanche that will pollute and devastate the true church and its duplicates, ‘The Family’, and will install the man of false countenance that desolates anything pure from the Holy Temple on the Altar. Anything that is related to conception and maternity is a sacrilege to the celestial culture and to its true image, Heb.8: 5, the church that spiritually sustain the earthlings. If the church hierarchy doesn’t handle this robust and poisonous heresy, it may scatter the Bride and a remnant will remain somewhere under the protection of Heavenly hosts on this earth, when the Lord comes down from the east to gather His faithful.

Women and men get their Heavenly manhood or Heavenly sonship or salvation through chaste, faithful and modest family life that blossom in the church fully. “…not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. Rom.8: 22-25; Mt.5:45; Eph.4: 12. There is only manhood in Heaven; wife earns it by the close association with her husband because the shadow of Adam’s priestly, kingly and prophetic authority is upon him. “You husbands must live with your wives with the proper understanding that they are the weaker sex. Treat them with respect, because they also will receive, together you, God’s gift of life, 1.Pet.3: 7. A joint accountability in their complementing roles is a good sign of joint stewardship. Oregon or Clement of the early church has prescribed the salvation of the faithful and repenting religious spinsters is by their close association with the angels who are men.

[The contents of this Perspective Article are solely the reflections of the Author - LOL]

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